Everything You Should Know About Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches this week and there are several things you should know about this latest installment. Here's everything you should know about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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Kernel226d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Everybody should take a rest from Call of Duty once in a while. The franchise is milked to death throwing an incomplete game every year that could easily be a DLC pack for 20 dollars. People should have an opportunity to experiment other games instead of the same experience for the last 20 years.

The franchise is progressing too slow because there should be like four to five years between these games for a substantial progress. Sorry to say this but this game feels bland, generic, uninspiring and boring. It's not that exciting anymore even if it includes a "battle royal" game mode. There's no story in it, no single player campaign no reason to get interested other than hooking oneself into the net as if this where the only form of entertainment.

CurbStompin6d ago

Speak for yourself. This is going to be a GOTY contender. Game plays amazingly from every beta I participated in. And the multiplayer map lineup, I cant wait. There is no other game like Call of Duty.

Elda6d ago

4 or 5 years may be too long apart but they should start making them every other year & have everything included in the game meaning the campaign instead of stripping away what they always had. There's no way I'm paying $60 for two thirds of game,the best part of the game for me was the single player campaign & without that it's a definite no buy for me.

Kernel226d ago

Exactly Elda. People are paying 60 dollars for less. Yes, where is the story of the game? Where are the characters and the single player campaign. Where is the evolution of the genre?

These launches needs two to three years.

Elda6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

@Kernel22..I'm quite sure some folks here that say they are buying this incomplete game with MTs at full price are the same folks that talk about how they're not buying a complete/full game with MTs.

Eidolon6d ago

This will be my first COD purchase since like COD4 PS3, that's even I bought that, I don't remember.

TheDriz6d ago

lol you are contradicting yourself. I feel you, haven't played COD since MW2. Im getting this one though because they did change. Single player was always trash so I'm glad they skipped it and then they added a really good battle royal mode.

Kernel226d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Single player was weak on that game because developers where too lazy.
Publishers are pushing way too hard on them without enough time for a full development of the game. The single player component is very important
and so the replay value on the single player campaign.

TheDriz6d ago

I disagree about the importance importance of single player. I think you should do what you do well. Leave single player to the wolfenstiens and preys of the world. Doom and such can cover that.

Kernel226d ago

"I disagree about the importance of single player. I think you should do what you do well. Leave single player to the wolfenstiens and preys of the world. Doom and such can cover that."

So you disagree on the importance of single player? Look the sales of Spider Man, God of War or even Uncharted or TLOU.

Obviously you know nothing of what you are talking about.

Jinger6d ago (Edited 6d ago )


You're comparing SP ONLY games to a franchise where only 10% of the userbase even completes the SP. Two totally different beasts here. I don't think he is saying there is no importance in SP for the industry, just that SP in CoD has never been the main selling point since so few people finish it or stick around for it.

Edit: I shouldn't have said "never" since at one point, yes, CoD SP was the main point wayyyy back when. But now it is the MP that 90% of time is spent on.

TheDriz6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Kernel you are just picking a choosing what to argue against without realizing my whole point. Why can't cod be your multiplay outlet and Doom be you single player outlet. You win because of two awesome games and both developers win because of sales and the industry as a whole wins. Have you ever developed games or even software in general? I know that pumping one out every year is not great but its what the boss wants. So if that is what you are going to do sacrifices have to be made. Why cant you enjoy more than one game?
Also you are proving my point. Those are all great single player titles with little to no multiplayer because they dont have time and thats not what they do well. Why cant you see thats what cod is doing but on the other side of the coin. Thank you for further helping my argument.
You are a very closed mind individual and I'm done. I say good day!

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T2X6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Well, they do have 3 devs making them which is why they come out every year. To my knowledge, no other game is produced like that. If only one dev, it would take a few years in between. I enjoy them along with many other games as well.

Jinger6d ago

Well you know that it's not the same dev who makes it every year, right? For example I typically only pick up Treyarch CoD's and even then I still skipped BLOPS 3 so it's been 6 years since I've bought a CoD.

jagermaster6195d ago

It's a good thing I haven't bought a cod game in years so it will be different for me!

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