Spider-man (2018) PS4 review - Spider-Man 2018 is one of the best Spider-man games ever - TGG

"You know, a quality Marvel title like Insomniac Games "Spider-Man 2018" should not end here. So I really hope to see more "Spider-Man" games in the future because Insomniac Games sure hit a home run with this one, and this is the reason why" - Sharn Daniels, TGG.

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Alexious25d ago

It's the best Spider-Man game ever, that's for sure.

TGG_overlord25d ago

The last really, REALLY good "Spider-Man" game (imo) was released back in 2002. So, yeah.

25d ago
pody25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

These journalists need to stop with this "one of the best" like there's so many good Spider-Man games to choose from. Seems like they're terrified to actually stand for something. It is the best.

Legatus25d ago

The most fun game i played this gen easily, can't stop playing it. Insomniac truly made the gem.

TGG_overlord25d ago

Indeed =) So I hope that Insomniac will be able to keep the momentum going for themselves.

EverydayJoe25d ago

Normally near the end of an open world game I am using whatever fast travel method is available to me, and I am not saying that I didnt use it at all, but much less so than other open world games. The transversal is so much fun.

Matrix625d ago

Fingers crossed a sequel swings our way!

overrated4424d ago

It's the fastest selling PS4 exclusive this gen, sold 3.3 million copies in 3 days. There's no way we DONT get a sequel.

Xb1ps425d ago (Edited 25d ago )

I Unlocked platinum today, first game I ever platinum cause I really never chase trophies and now im disappointed.. I have nothing left to do in the game and I don’t want to stop playing it.

I rate it a 4/5 a couple things could have been better.. like his parkour..

Xb1ps425d ago

Yes.. i unlocked the map in the game.. last one took for ever to find, it wasn’t in any particular order..

Matrix625d ago

I didn't pick up the newspapers until half way through the game, I'm still missing 9 from the earlier news. Any way of getting them post ending?

TGG_overlord25d ago

I just asked Sharn about it, and this is what he told me just now:
"Yeah you find them in the streets as ya walking around, I had no idea they were in the game until later" - Sharn.

Xb1ps425d ago

Yes you can finish all the side stuff after the story.

TGG_overlord25d ago

I guess that's why people have asked for new content for the game and whatnot. Well, I'm a bit like you then. So that might just be my score as well.

Xb1ps425d ago

cant Wait for more content! Lol this will be my second game this gen to buy dlc for, horizon being the 1st.. god of war would have been my second dlc buy but yea.... no dlc....

Matrix625d ago

Game+ should make things a bit interesting. Just as it has for HZD & GoW.

SickSinceSix25d ago

There's no way you've completed all the benchmarks though right? i platinumed it but only completed about 9 of the benchmarks in full.

Xb1ps425d ago

No I did not finish all the bench marks but I did get quite a few of them done..I also didn’t gold all the side either but I only have like 2 or 3 left, I hate the drones and probably won’t bother with it since I got all the tokens needed for upgrades.

I’m glad you don’t need to finish benchmark to get platinum.. that would be one seriously boring grind so I’m glad they left that out.

Elda25d ago

The Heist DLC in a month.

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BlaqMagiq125d ago

Correction: THE best Spider-Man game ever.

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