Spider-Man Creative Director Speaks Out on Peter Parker's New Face Following Backlash

Brian Intihar, creative director at developer Insomniac Games releases a statement on Twitter following backlash regarding Peter Parker's new look in Spider-Man Remastered.

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mrsolidsteel2019d ago

Wow, what a bunch of man b$&tches complaining over this issue.

xHeavYx19d ago

What's ridiculous about it? I platinumed the game and loved the main guy, and think that the new one looks weird AF. Nothing wrong with voicing an opinion.

Shane Kim19d ago

Because it takes nothing from the gameplay or story of the game.

ziggurcat19d ago

"What's ridiculous about it? I platinumed the game and loved the main guy"

It's ridiculous because it's just a character model.

I also platinumed the game/loved the OG PP, and I don't care enough to whine about it.

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SyntheticForm19d ago

I'm not really a fan of the new guy, but I don't have a problem with it either. I think it was unnecessary, but it's Insomniac's game and Insomniac's choice.

It's also only a face, and not a gameplay change.

RgR19d ago

It does take away.
Those of us who played the regular version grew attached or at the very least comfortable with the new face of spiderman for the games.

There is a connection people make and a judgment that is made. The judgement based on the audience response was that this was a good spiderman.

However, now they have to face the reality that they decided to change the look of spiderman entirely in order to...something something.

When you look at the comparisons there is a stiffness in the new least in what they've shown thus far. This affects the audience reaction to the story elements of the game. It can go from, "that looked great" to "Whats wrong with his face"

But like all things we will get used to the change.

ziggurcat19d ago

"When you look at the comparisons there is a stiffness in the new model"

Only way to tell is seeing it in action. You can't base how "stiff" something is on a still image.

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-Foxtrot19d ago


There's a video

A full video of a scene from the game

He's stiff, and it's not as good as the original.

UnSelf19d ago

You gamers dont deserve sh*t i swear

RememberThe35719d ago

I don't care what the "issue" is I'm not getting upset about an other mans face. Can't do it. Won't do it.

You know Soyn is loving all this free pub though. Worked for TLOU2, you can do it again! Remember the puddles? Fantastic marketing by gamers everywhere. Every time gamers make up a controversy for Sony games they cut their marketing budget half.

UltraNova18d ago

I couldn't care less about this tbh. Hell, I prefer the new Peter over the OG.

S2Killinit18d ago

But why the complaining? Thats the question.

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P_Bomb19d ago

Games are a visual medium. You can’t talk about music and say “who cares what it sounds like.”

ziggurcat19d ago

"Games are a visual medium."

Sure, but in this case it doesn't matter what Peter Parker looks like. It doesn't affect the gameplay at all, and he looks more in line with who they have playing him in the movie franchise.

Also, people complaining that he looks younger than MM fail to understand that there are people who look a lot younger than they are. I'm one of those people. My father is also one of them - if not for his grey hair, you wouldn't know that he's pushing his mid-70's.

P_Bomb19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

“It doesn't affect the gameplay at all, and he looks more in line with who they have playing him in the movie franchise.”

These aren’t the movies. Should they swap out Aunt May’s actress for Marisa Tomei because movies?

Insomniac’s Vulture was bald like the comics/cartoons. They didn’t do MCU’s Michael Keaton. Tom Holland’s also playing Nathan Drake. Better to just keep with their own continuity.

ziggurcat19d ago

Ehhhh it really doesn't matter, though - continuity or not. It's a remaster of the game, not a straight-up res bump/fps increase, and that comes with some changes.

RgR19d ago


Actually it is precisely in games where it is extremely important what character models look like.

I personally liked that the actor looked nothing like insomniacs creation.

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GottaBjimmyb19d ago

Looks way better to me TBH, I wouldn't see any justification for complaining either way though.

Christopher19d ago

Personally, I like this one better as well.

GottaBjimmyb19d ago

Yea, must be an unpopular opinion...

-Foxtrot19d ago

Why is it every time a big successful game does something that p***** fans off the ones who don't give a shit because it doesn't affect them try and spin it so the people complaining are "bitching" and are "trolls" over a "small issue". No one is calling the game shit, we're just voicing a legit complaint.

Their Twitter is a shit show comments wise, Facebook is, the Youtube ratio is on a downward slope and Reddit isn't much better. This isn't just a small thing, people LOVED Spiderman on the PS4. Changing Peter to a brand new mo-cap / face actor which makes him look completely different is not a small thing, the guy has gone from looking like an older, wiser 23 Spiderman who's been in the game for a long time, to a brand new 15 year old baby face Peter Parker, a guy who you'd expect to hang out with Miles in high school, not be his mentor.

Miles is 15 and Peter is 23 but Miles looks way older, plus seeing this guy dating / flirting with MJ / Black Cat is going to look weird.

Insomniacs "points" don't really land for me, they seem like excuses and I can't believe they wouldn't just go the most logical choice and get a new actor who looks similar to the old Peter model. Are we really supposed to believe it's just a big coincidence the new guy looks almost exactly like Tom Holland, the MCU Spiderman, a version of the character who in the films is a high school student.

Hakuoro19d ago

Hmm are you preparing your argument to defend review bombing the game already?

ziggurcat19d ago

"we're just voicing a legit complaint."

It's not a legit complaint.

-Foxtrot19d ago (Edited 19d ago )


Are you kidding me?

Course it is, he's the main bloody character, how much in denial can you be? Going off your comments you are either burying your head in the sand because you don't want to admit a decent studio could ever do such a thing (they can no one is perfect) or you don't give a shit to the point where because you don't care everyone else shouldn't.

Imagine if you are watching a film and half way through the film or even in a directors cut they swap the actor around. What about if you are reading a comic book and they decide to get a different artist which makes everyone look totally different because the new guys art style is his own, again it's not something you can brush off. It's a big thing.

It's a legit issue at the end of the day an they shouldn't have done this.

No one would have given a shit about the facial mo-cap stuff being the same as the original in the Remaster, especially for a launch game, they could have easily just waited for the sequel and change things around then when they find a better replacement.

ziggurcat19d ago

"Peter is 23"

And he looks exactly what a 23-year old would look like.

RememberThe35719d ago

Kratos has changed, Dante has changed, Master Chiefs armor has changed, Solid Snake changed, Link changes every time. Character models change when graphics improve or artists have more time with their characters or whatever, thats creative freedom. This is the kind of things that gets people talking outta both sides of their mouth. Makes me think y'all want artist to have the creative freedom to do whatever you want them to do...

Christopher19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

***something that p***** fans off***

Fans shouldn't be pissed off about this, IMHO. They can be disappointed, but not pissed off. And why did you even censor 'pissed'? Pissed off, though, relates to harsh anger towards something. That seems to be an unnecessary amount of concern over this sort of change.

***I can't believe they wouldn't just go the most logical choice and get a new actor who looks similar to the old Peter model.***

Uhhh.... you just told them to recast the voice actor.

Epicor18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Imo the new face looks better. Sure it looks a bit too young but it shares a lot of similarities with MCU Peter, and that is a GOOD thing (why wouldn't it be)? It's better for both medias: Game Spidey and movie Spidey feel now more like the same character.
Also one important point: Easily the biggest graphical downfalls of PS4 Spiderman is the way faces look like. There is this uncanny valley feeling all the time, especially when looking at aunt May and Peter Parker. I actually started to play Spider-Man just one week ago (now around 60% in) and the character face models terrify me. This new look of Peter is a big upgrade in a sense that he actually looks like a real person now. Too young yes, but still better than the old one. I believe a lot of hate comes from die hard fans that are just used to the way Peter looks atm and cannot stand any change. Even for the better.

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mrsolidsteel2019d ago


To answer your question, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you voicing your opinion, regardless on whether you agree or disagree on the subject matter.

In this case, there has been nothing but insults and unwarranted attacks because you have a bunch of man children complaining over a “character model change”.

And who cares if you played the original game? What does that have to do with developers being insulted because of a design change they decided to make?

anubusgold19d ago

Looks like its the same people who did the avengers faces lol.

derek19d ago

Amen, if you're really upset about this then the problem is you. There is persistent phony outrage regarding anything Sony.

TheScotsman18d ago

Yet another Negative Sony article, now there's a surprise lol

TheEroica18d ago

Can't imagine being this lame...

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potatoseal19d ago

Just let the studio do their thing.

RememberThe35719d ago

Creative freedom was just a catch phrase I guess.

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Christopher19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Another conundrum. Do we allow companies to do what they want or do we want them to censor themselves and do what some of the community want? Which side of the fence will this one fall on compared to other forms of changes that companies make?

ziggurcat19d ago

Fans shouldn't be forcing devs to stifle their creative vision. They can cry all they want, but it's not something that's up to them to decide.

Bobertt19d ago

If it was a new game maybe but its a remaster there is no reason to change a game in a remaster especially since its not a big leap from the original. A remake of an old game i could understand but their reasoning doesn't make sense either. They claim that they needed to change the person who the facial animation is based on because the facial bones in the ps4 actor don't match up close enough with the voice actor. Except the voice actor looks more like the old PS4 model than the new one and i didn't see a problem with the old lip movement. Plus what are the chances the person they find happens to look just like Tom Holland. I think its more likely they wanted it to look like Tom Holland because none of the other characters seem to have to change their actors and you would think they would have put the most effort into making sure the main character had a compatible actor the first time around.

Cueil19d ago

that doesn't mean fans shouldn't voice their opinions. This is entertainment, not some abstract art project

ShadowWolf71218d ago


Nah fam. The new actor's bone structure and face shape are MUCH closer to Yuri's, and that's what matters. Chin, cheekbones, jawline, eye shape, all closer.

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CantThinkOfAUsername19d ago

Gamers let them do what they want but also get the right to complain/criticise.

ZombieGamerMan19d ago

Counter point, they made the game they wanted in Spider-Man PS4 but this change looks more like an attempt to make him look like MCU Spider-Man so this is not the original creative vision. So yes they should change it back to how they had it

Teflon0219d ago

Thank you lol. I'm glad ppl are seeing it. This is why I never jump on the censorship hate banwagon. The ppl who complain alot of times are unreasonable or hypocrites. One second they will tell devs they need to do what they prefer. Next they cry censorship. From the moment they did it and cried about SFV, With Cammy and Mika I knew none of it made sense.

This is the devs creative freedom. Did I like the Peter model initially, yes. But I'm not mad at the new model. The game looks even better so no reason to cry.

RgR19d ago

Not much of a conundrum.
It all depends on what they are doing.

Are they adding predatory mtx's, paywalls, and other forms of BS? Are they gender swapping beloved characters or changning ethnicities?

Do we allow them to pretend we're stupid and not complain about anything at all?
Game developers make money off creating products that people behooves them to be aware of what people will like otherwise they make games nobody likes and lose money.

Censorship is when a media is altered or changed due to pressure. The change or alteration usually revolves around some politcal or cutlural statement. People not liking the new look, considering he remains white, isnt censorship.

Christopher19d ago

***The change or alteration usually revolves around some politcal or cutlural statement.***

9 times out of 10, people see this when they want. Not when it actually happens. Let alone those decisions are because the developer wants to make them, not from pressure from others.

But, glad you got the one side of my argument exactly as intended.

Muzikguy19d ago

Fans get mad when publishers or other companies don't allow developers creative freedom, so they shouldn't be in the way of it themselves either.

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dietis_h19d ago

the face definitely looks different but im sure the gameplay will still be good.

ziggurcat19d ago

People get upset over the stupidest things. It's just a character model. Who cares.

littletad19d ago

I think being upset and confused over this is pretty reasonable. The original character art was great, and fans were attached. Myself included.

NEXUS-619d ago

And one that is only visible during cutscenes, massive overreaction by gamers.

TheFallen132719d ago (Edited 19d ago )

They should make Ellie African American in the last of us 3 then. Its just a character model mos

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