How the never released Resident Evil 1.5 survived 22 years to appear in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Back in 1996 Capcom canned a nearly completed sequel to Resident Evil and started over. This is what happened to that game.

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Hardiman26d ago

I love the legend and all the craziness that went on with RE1.5!

assassin2k25d ago

Knowing it exists but not knowing much about it, I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Amazing that Capcom basically trolled everyone by continuing to show 1.5 when 2 was well on it's way in development too!

KyRo25d ago

If you use YouTube check out a YouTuber called Residents of Evil (RoE). He's got gameplay of him playing the unfinished build. They also have a heavily inspired old school RE game coming out themselves. Always worth a watch if you're into RE.

assassin2k25d ago

Thanks! I think I've seen that channel before. They feature horror games all the time as well as RE don't they? Did think about subscribing to them before. Tempted to download 1.5 and have a go.

tigertron25d ago

I played some of 1.5 and it was good. It's a shame Elza Walker never became an official character.

Melankolis25d ago

I wrote comment. If you don't mind, will you visit the n4g page and check what i wrote there?. Thank you.

Melankolis25d ago

I remember back in 1997 there is a picture of Leon holding a shotgun running between 2 cells/prisons on his left and right contained zombies at the back of Playstation box (scph-1001) along with other games such Crash Bandicoot etc. Judging the picture quality, i am sure that it was taken from a pre-rendered/FMV scene.

By the time i beat RE2 in 1998 i didn't find the scene. I read this article and i see Leon standing between zombie cells, but that's not what i saw. I am sure it was a picture taken from a prerendered/movie scene.

Too bad i don't have my PS's box anymore. Can someone confirm this? Did you see what i saw at the back of Playstation's box???.

Master of Unlocking25d ago

So, it's just that Claire Redfield's looks in the remake that look a tad like that Elza Walker character in RE 1.5 that commands that article?