Rumour: New Halo 5 boxart hints at incoming PC release

DSOGaming writes: "Microsoft has issued a new boxart for Halo 5: Guardians, hinting at a possible PC release. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumours of a PC version, however this hint comes straight from Microsoft."

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XiNatsuDragnel133d ago

Oh well no offense but if this is true there's no xbox only only exclusive left.

Kribwalker133d ago

sunset overdrive?

Even with that MS has stated from early on that they were trying to unite their PC and Xbox platforms, and they have even made their play anywhere initiative, which blurs the line even more by only having to buy one copy to get a copy on both PC and Xbox. So why wouldn’t they put Halo 5 on PC as well?

What are your thoughts on sony losing exclusives to PC with their PSnow service, including recently Bloodbourne?

XiNatsuDragnel132d ago

Well my thoughts are Bloodbourne is sadly not an exclusive anymore, but I can name a handful that are exclusives for PS platform at least.

Elda132d ago

It's still a PS exclusive,no matter what BB can not be played on any XB or Nintendo gaming console & PS Now is a PS service.PC is a personal computer.

Ceaser9857361132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I dont understand how people can even comment that BB is not an exclusive . DUDE Bloodborne is a PS EXCLUSIVE ... PS NOW is very owned by Sony... Jeez!! I cant imagine i have to explain this to some xbox fanboys here...

Kingthrash360132d ago

Bb is a console exclusive...but no longer a true exclusive. Just like tlou knack killzone and others on psnow.

Sony will always have true exclusives but nobody was buying these games on ps4 anymore so the put them in a service making it possible not to need a ps4 to play these games.

Let's not get on xbox about exclusives and then ignore the BB facts are facts.

Gahl1k131d ago

Well, if you tried PSNOW, you would know that it is much cheaper and easier to get a PS4 and Bloodborne than getting 1Gbps fibre to your home to play it almost lag-free.

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Poopmist132d ago

It really shouldn't offend anyone at all. Microsoft has already been combining Windows 10 gaming and Xbox. If anything, Xbox one is what people imagined the Steambox would be when it was announced. Xbox's aren't marketed toward people with high end PC's anymore.

Gahl1k131d ago

Microsoft is including PC as their 'Xbox family devices.'

starchild132d ago

Who really cares? Console gamers only care about what games they can play on consoles. PC gamers get to the option to play a great game. I don't see any significant downside here. Certainly nothing that outweighs the positives.

Ceaser9857361132d ago

" Console gamers only care about what games they can play on consoles. PC gamers get to the option to play a great game."

lol! PC gamers write petition to release games on PC ...but if you look carefully Both Console and PC gamers are alike ... No one is different from one another .

Vandamme21132d ago

Rumor: Halo 5 ODLC is coming to Xbox one and PC.

EmperorDalek132d ago

Trust me, Xbox users don't care if PC users can play it or not. Only the Sony cultists will make a big deal out of it.

CarlDechance132d ago

You are deluding yourself if you think Xbox "cultists" don't absolutely abhor Play Anywhere.

King_Noctis132d ago

I don’t think MS care about “true” exclusive anymore. What they want is to sell their ecosystem, which mean getting people to play on both the X1 and Windows 10.

I for one ain’t complaining about that. I don’t own an X1, so I’m happy that they release this game on PC as well.

agent13132d ago

Windows is a Microsoft product so why don't they release their games on it? Xbox one s and x are are actually two awesome and affordable PCs

Pantz132d ago

80% of all games play best on Xbox One X, so they might as well all be exclusives. PC games are usually filled with bugs and hackers and can't even do HDR most of the time.

CarlDechance132d ago

You keep lying to yourself if fiction makes you happy.

Liqu1d132d ago

Are you a compulsive liar?

Psychotica131d ago

A good gaming PC will outperform an Xbox One X for any game.

jagermaster619132d ago


So how does it feel? You PlayStation guys bitch and moan how Xbox play anywhere games are not exclusives even though you have to buy it from the Microsoft store. When Sony has a similar situation going on you back peddle and say no it's a console exclusive for Sony. Man this is why Sony fanboys are the worst!

Doabarrelroll132d ago

WAHHHHHHHHh! Those big bad sony fanboys WAH!!

Dude shut up, the only people who complain about certain fanboys being the worst are fanboys themselves

Gearsofwar_xbox132d ago

Why not get it on your head it’s still exclusive to Xbox it’s not coming out for PS4 or Nintendo switch

XiNatsuDragnel132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Because other apps don't count regardless of being owned by the same company. Like PS3, PSV, PS4 release aren't true exclusives at least with PS4 I can name a handful of true exclusives. Xbox and PC is their designed purpose but it severely undervalues Xbox like PS4, PS3, PSV exclusive it will undervalue PS4 for me because I can save on buying the latest plastic and stick with PS3 longer. I want valued, true exclusives that'll have to make me buy PS4 eventually. That's cycle and that is how it should be. I guess I'm too old for this or something?

Liqu1d132d ago

If you don't need an Xbox then it's not exclusive to Xbox.

Imortus_san132d ago

And what about it? At Least MS is the only company to have their games at native 4K and 60fr for those that have the cash and the system for it, for those that don't like gaming on PC they Have Xbox, options are good.

AizenSosuke132d ago

I agree with Natsu's viewpoint here, because it's not focused enough on Xbox. Options are great and makes the value less and less, and finally saturated compared to PS4 only exclusives.

Doabarrelroll132d ago

Too bad xbox doesn’t have the options when it comes to what matters most games. But hey another controller am I right

Imortus_san132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Last time i check they have nearly 600 retro compatible games from witch more them 50 running at 4K, they have more optimized games for the One X then the PS4 Pro that relleased 1 year before, they Have Xbox preview, Xbox Game Pass, GwG are 4 games every month plus the Free Weekends, last month they had 10 games free, EA Acess, Cross Play with PC and other consoles, 120hz, more HDR Support them the competition, this year they have put more them 10 MS published games on Xbox One, the ability to play all there games at 4k 60frames on a more expensive system, I wonder about options.

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Nyxus132d ago

Wouldn't surprise me at all.

Poopmist132d ago

Cool, maybe they'll add MCC too.

shuvam09132d ago

That needs to come first...
With future sequels coming to PC, it makes sense...
Would also love Gears 2, 3 and Sunset Overdrive on PC too...

TheColbertinator132d ago

Better late than never but I'd rather see Halo MCC and Reach first on PC.

TedCruzsTaint132d ago

Would love both. MCC is a fantastic collection, and Reach is my personal favorite of the series.

Blu3_Berry132d ago

Allow it on steam or gtfo. Not gonna bother with Windows 10 exclusivity crap.

starchild132d ago

I, too, would prefer Steam, but I'm not going to miss out on a game I want to play just because it's not on my preferred digital platform.

Gahl1k131d ago

It is not just about digital platform. Microsoft is using their games as a way to push gamers to buy or upgrade to Windows 10, which is going to be a SaaS soon...

King_Noctis132d ago

It is their game after all. They have the right to release on whatever storefront/platform they want.

Blu3_Berry132d ago

That's fine. It is their choice like you said. If they want to limit their customers to one specific OS then by all means go ahead. I don't have Windows 10 and I have no reason to anytime soon. Windows 7 works great for me. At least EA, Ubisoft and other publishers allow their apps to run on all different OS and not just tied to one specific version.

Imortus_san132d ago


Just Wait until Steam stops suport for Windows 7.

shuvam09132d ago

Even if it's effectively free???

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