Halo 5: Guardians PC Port Is "Not in the Cards" Now, but the Developer Is Aware of the Demand

343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard revealed that there are no plans to bring Halo 5: Guardians to PC at this time, but the studio is aware of the demand, so things may change in the future.

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LordoftheCritics32d ago

I thought MS was going to fully support the PC platform.

Guess its all talk.

thesoftware73032d ago

Yeah, I just don't understand MS disdain for PC, they didn't bring Halo 5 over.

They hate PC and are liars, this one game not being on PC proves it.

They should be more upfront with gamers, like don't say you gonna support PC then don't bring over one game out of 100..MS needs to get their PC support together, just look at what the competition is doing, killing it in the PC arena.

LordoftheCritics32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

'just look at what the competition is doing, killing it in the PC arena.''

MS exists today because of PC. Serving their biggest consumer base is not only their duty but in their own interest of profit. The competition has nothing to do with it.

Gamepass on pc keeps lacking games that xbox has, the halo games had xbox releases twice over and then finally the mcc was ported to pc. Halo 5 should have been a pc release immediately after MCC, now its lost its momentum.

MS support of PC is only getting better now, but I have a 20 yr history with their bs on pc and MS will conveniently release Halo 5 on pc at the right time to show they care about PC. They need to look like they are supporting PC, then they'll do it. Like people who work harder when their employers are looking.

It's not like we are spoiled for choice with games. Xbox has been seeing Forza, Gears and Halo for like forever now. Its almost like minesweeper coming free with Windows.

PC gaming is the future, whatever form that pc takes. Twitch, youtube, VR etc is only just the beginning.

The day Apple fully supports pc gaming, MS will truly shit their pants.

Ausbo31d ago

I think they are quite busy at the moment working on a 2021 game.

anubusgold31d ago

Its because halo 5 is broken in multiplayer as is not worth the time porting it.

abstractel31d ago

But they are supporting it? Halo Infinite is coming to PC same day as Xbox in December so I'm not sure why we are complaining about a 6 year old game?

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ProLogY32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's almost like 343i is working on another project at the moment..

last year they added six Halo games to PC across Steam and Windows, adding customized PC controls, settings, optimizations, incorporate crossplay options.. This is not trivial work and it clearly paid off with MCC being consistently a top seller on Steam. They are working on Infinite and just stated that they would consider a Halo 5 port down the road.

Halo 5 is not included in MCC on Xbox, so it would need a dedicated proper port on PC to work. Again, this is not a copy and paste job, and if they tried to do it so lightly, we would not get a good game. Remember Dark Souls 1 on PC? Not great.

Vegamyster31d ago

Halo 5 forge mode was ported to PC years ago on the Microsoft store, all the controls and settings are there and I believe you could join custom games on it. Unless Infinite largely ignore the plot of 5, it seems kind of odd to leave it out even if there isn’t the biggest demand for it.

Eamon32d ago

What ProLogY said.

Plus, there's no real demand for Halo 5 on PC... Fans are much more interested in Infinite that's coming out in a few months.

spicelicka31d ago

lmao the butthurt is palpable

TheHan31d ago

Typical fan boy criticism. Halo 5 wasn’t even wanted for a PC port, not as popular as the MCC which held every Halo created besides H5 and HW1-2. In other words why would PC care when their getting the next installment at launch date.

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Sciurus_vulgaris32d ago

It would have made sense to port Halo 5: Guardians to PC in 2019 or 2020 before Infinite launched. Guardians essentially cannot launch before infinite now. A port of Halo 5 to PC would likely need to outsourced.

LordoftheCritics32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Exactly this. I felt Halo 5 should have been a launch for 2019/2020 as well.

It's not like MS has an excess of exclusives.

RaidenBlack31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Many PC players actually want the whole saga to co-exist in PC along with Xbox.
And Halo 5's campaign may be underwhelming, its still a continuation of the story.
But the multiplayer was surprisingly good.

CaptainHenry91632d ago

Demand for Halo 5 on Window gamepass for just $10.00

ElvisHuxley32d ago

Is there demand? I haven't heard any.

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