IGN: What We Want In BioShock 2

Recently, with the release of BioShock on the PS3, the veil of secrecy seems to be lifting. By beating the game on any difficulty setting, a teaser trailer for BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams is unlocked in the extras menu. The trailer is supposedly set on the Atlantic Coast, and features a young woman staring out at the Atlantic Ocean and clutching a Big Daddy doll, with a cityscape quickly rising from the sand behind her. Before any explanations of the city's appearance could be made, the logo screen and subtitle pops up, ending the trailer abruptly. This, of course, got all of us at IGN thinking: what would they want to see in the upcoming sequel to BioShock?

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

Bioshock should use the Blu-Ray and maxime the cell.Only with that will Bioshock 2 reach its potential

na2ru13701d ago

such as UT3, it would be perfect. Bluray helped B1 have higher res texture than 360's and of course extra campaign.

Zerodin3701d ago

Go away, take your azn worship with you.

masterofpwnage3701d ago


i will be offended to a comment trying diss azn, but ur comment really doesnt make any since.

r u trying to say warship.


why warship, there is other shiit to make fun of us and u choose warship.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3700d ago

Yeah like it does now, the next Bioshock will be like the 1st, superior on the 360 and a turd on the`PS3.

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PirateThom3701d ago


I also want to actually like the game.

theEnemy3701d ago

Go use Dunia or something..

green3701d ago

An initiative for me to actually play it again.Maybe multiplayer could do the trick because Bioshock IMO had zero replay value.

y0haN3701d ago

Would you kindly take that statement back?

okcomputer3701d ago

I actually sort of agree with the op. Bioshock, at least for me, had no replay value.

Even with that though, it was still the best game I played in 07, and after mgs4 was the best game I've played so far this gen. Sometimes one great play through can be enough. If bioshock 2 can do the same I'll be happy with that. No multiplayer or gimmicks needed. Just give me great gameplay and I'm fine.

air13701d ago

for it to look and play like the 360 :)

El_Colombiano3701d ago

You want it to play like a 360? So once you press "New Game", Bioshock 2 gets the RROD?

Zerodin3701d ago

"Only on 360" because PS3 Bioshock is gonna sell terribly.

El_Colombiano3701d ago

Yes yes, because you get money for how good the 360 multiplatforms sell.

LeonSKennedy4Life3701d ago

If they made a PS3 version and ported it to the 360, it would probably look better than a 360 exclusive. The PS3's architecture leaves developers so much room for expansion.

You obviously haven't seen Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain. THOSE are real graphics.

Don't use the Unreal Engine. It's good, but we have the Killzone 2 engine now. Why use anything else? Try the CryEngine2 if you need to!

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