Gametrailers Motorstorm :Pacific Rift review

Gametrailers has posted their video review of Motorstorm :Pacific Rift.

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pwnsause5720d ago

thats a good score, i expected below an 8 from them.

masterg5720d ago

Why does almost all the reviews base their reviews on what happened from motorstorm 1 to motorstorm 2.

Should they not review (the score) the game compared to what other new games in the same genre came out this year.

I tired of hearing why it's only a little better then MS1.
Talk about the fact that there isn't a single arcade racer outthere today that can match this.

elshimiablo5720d ago

Good score for the best offroad racer ever

thematrix12985720d ago

Are you kidding me? that is a bad score for one fo the best off road racer! GT is full of shyt...no one listens to their review especially PS3 exclusives.

malcolm x5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

8.6 / 10 is a good score
and Stop the bad score & flop thing it is gay stuff

Omega45720d ago

Not bad, a higher score than most sites

But it still seems like Pure will remain the off-road champ for now

Deviant5720d ago

Dont compare it to Pure its completely different .( its not worse just different)

Blademask5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

Pure has absolutely nothing to do with motorstorm, at all.

How can you even compare a game where the goal is to do tricks, to an arcade racer? The closest thing to compare Motorstorm to logically, is BAJA racing, which is a racing game...

Or do you think that SSX is the same as the Bejing Olympics game?

Dirt is the console Offroad simish Champ btw ;) and Motorstorm is the king of the arcade offroad racers.

I think you are just trying to make yourself feel better for not owning a ps3, but even then.. Pure isn't even the same class of game. This is why I dont get idiots, not saying that you are one.. But I really don't understand complete morons. Not saying that you are one..

Honolulu5720d ago

Sure, but Pure isn't an offroad racer though.
It's more like SSX on wheels. :P

Bathyj5720d ago

Please. Pure is so good its sold not even 300K copies on both platforms. MS will beat that even though its probably #3 or 4 on most PS3 gamers chistmas list.

Pure is like sliding down an invisble tube, where the narrow track keeps correcting you to point forwards. The whole point is just getting air and doing your favourite waverace trick. And its only ATV's

Offroad racing for dummies.

The only reason Boxinites are talking up Pure (not buying, mind you) is because they have nothing else that can hold a candle to Motorstorm, and if you dont agree you haven't played it for more than 10 minutes. Its adictive as hell and a huge rush. I've put about 6 hours just into the demo. I dont think I've done that since the MGS2 Demo that came with Zone of Enders.

lowcarb5720d ago

dang relax guys....I think he made a pretty valid point and although Pure is kind of different there still in the same type of category.

Atomic5720d ago

Pure?? is that the game where you dance in the air?
I play racing games , not gimmicks.

Honolulu5720d ago

I don't know, Pure really has more in common with snowboard-games than a racer, gameplay-wise that is.

A better comparison in the realms of arcady/casual-racers would probably be something like Burnout, even though it's not in the offroad field.

on topic: Good score, might check it out.

darkdoom30005720d ago

Pure is SSX but on a quad. literally! its score based. do lots of tricks get a high score. try being first etc. its quite diffrent.

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Dragunov5720d ago

But i disagree in two things you say ;)

thematrix12985720d ago

This game deserves at least 9.5+...16 tracks...so many types of vechiles...amazing community support

Ju5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

I was just about saying something like that. 9+, below seems low to me. It simply has no competition. All other offroad racers are nice, but nothing is like Motorstorm. What I see in the video is a major step from MS1. Bigger environment, driving down that river looks awesome! (Ever seen something like that ?). I take everything back I said about the demo, this one looks nothing like it. Why better, need to go back and play the demo again right away... oh, yeah, seams justifying my Christmas shopping list.

andrewlee5720d ago

The first Motorstorm was extremely fun and I think that it was reviewed too low (I would certainly rate it over a 9). Now after playing the demo of MS2 I really don't know how some sites could have given it a 7.. it's just so much fun, no racing game has better fun factor.