Devil May Cry 5 'Devil Breaker' Trailer

Check out the latest Devil May Cry 5 trailer, featuring all new footage of Nero kicking some major demon-ass with his powerful Devil Breakers!

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naruga58d ago

cool action indeed ....though Nero s face still looks retarded ...

rpvenom58d ago

game looks pretty epic.. and yes totally agree. nero's face is ... visually unappealing.. no homo lol

Elda58d ago

Grown men with no hang ups,secure with themselves have the courage to say that without saying no homo...just

drpepperdude58d ago


People who tell others how they are supposed to feel are usually the ones projecting their own feelings.

kamisama58d ago

@elda @drpepperdude i believe rpvenom said that because nero literally says it in the trailer.

ShockUltraslash58d ago

And it's only Nero.
Dante looks absolutely gorgeous though.

thatguyhayat58d ago

The new trailer shows of dantes new weapon I think but looks badass. Did nero take off his arm and ride it?? Best dmc5 we have been waiting for

ZXCPCA50058d ago

The action looked pretty good but I have to say its looks a little dated compared to some of the other big hitters coming out over the next few months.

Sevir58d ago

Camera is a hyprid of DmC and DMC4, I hated DMC4's camera.

Animations are improved, cheesy overly campy dialogue from DMC 1-4 is back, action looks like an evolution of DMC4 and DmC, graphics and destruction have amped up drastically, the world shifting mechanic from DmC is back in some instances, while that dumb demon wall thing from 1-4 is present..

Gameplay seems to be 30fps... Seemingly to push for the incredible graphics and destruction on display.

The stupid "every 4 minutes is a cutscene story telling design philosophy" is back from the PS2 era. 🙄.

I'm highly annoyed at that, really feel they could have done more tell a more grown up story. The jokes and one line delivers are absolutely terrible. This kind of dialog was passable during the PS2 era when I was a teenager... This is laughable now.

I'm still gonna get it. As I've been a fan of the IP... But, I wish Ninja Theory made DmC2 instead building on everything they did on the previous. Oh well.

Yokan58d ago

Fan of the IP or fan of the Ninja Theory garbage game mockery that was DmC: Devil May Cry.

This game has plenty of DNA from the "DmC" game they made with a better layer of what came before it on top.

Can't wait for this game.

Sevir56d ago

Oh I'm definitely a fan of Ninja Theory Direction, and I'm definitely not a shamed of that, I loved that they tried to add exposition to every facet of the game and I liked that they told a story that was heaps better than the games before.

That being g said I've never left the franchise, and can appreciate each of the previous 4 before DmC, my least favorite thing g was the camera and the cheesy one liners.

Either way, I'm still getting it, it's a Devil May Cry game after all I'm just happy they didn't can the IP.

jeremyj291358d ago

You should do stand-up😂😂 8514;

Shiken58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

DmC was a garbage non canon experiment that badly needed to die. So glad true DMC is back with a proper sequel to 4.

deadfrag58d ago

This demo is running at 60fps on Xbox One X,dont know how the standard systems like the PS4 and Xbox One are going to run but the PS4/Pro and Xbox One X will run 60fps easy.

l3w1s57d ago

>Gameplay seems to be 30fps... Seemingly to push for the incredible graphics and destruction on display.

Easiest way to show your retardation.

Sevir56d ago

They said they're Targeting 60fps and photorealism, but having to scale the engine due to CPU requirements... It'll be a sacrifice. If this is running on The X then it's 60fps, but I likely believe this will be a 30fps game on standard Consoles.

l3w1s56d ago


Please stop showing your retardation even more. It's becoming kinda pathetic.

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Ninver58d ago

What is this emo nonsense? They've completely ruined the franchise.

jeremyj291358d ago (Edited 58d ago )

😂😂😂 Yea, ok.

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