Opinion: It's time for Sonic Adventure 3 and the return of Chao

"A few years ago, leading up to Sega’s latest mainline Sonic The Hedgehog title, the company was confident it wasn’t going to disappoint fans with the game that would later be announced as Sonic Forces. The company even went as far to apologize for the lack of quality control with its recent Sonic titles. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric sits at a 32/100 on Metacritic, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal is currently at a 47. Needless to say, they disappointed fans across the globe. Unfortunately, Sonic Forces didn’t raise the bar much higher" -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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SegaGamer656d ago

I'm shocked that Sega haven't cashed in on Chao's. There is so much they could do with them with. Sonic Adventure 1 and especially 2 had so much replayability because of Chao World. If Sega made a modern Chao World it could be brilliant. It's crazy that they ditched it just as it was getting good.

As for Sonic Adventure 3.....well, it's the Sonic game I want more than any other. The thing I worry about most is the direction the stories have taken in recent Sonic games. They are less gritty and more child friendly, I don't think that style suits Sonic and especially the Sonic Adventure series.

FallenAngel1984656d ago

Sonic ‘06 basically is Sonic Adventure 3 in all but name

StormLegend656d ago

TBH you’re right it did continue the duo with shadow and sonic and it even brought in Silver as the third. I wished they would have taken more time with it and made better stages.

SegaGamer656d ago

It felt more like a Sonic Adventure reboot than a direct sequel though.

StormLegend656d ago

At this point Sega needs to wake up and realize what made the adventure titles do great. They need to go back instead of going forward. I haven’t played a good Sonic game since generations and that was only good because it was remade stages from past games.

Blu3_Berry655d ago

I don't really have faith in 3D Sonic games anymore. It blew my mind that Sonic Forces, which was suppose to be a return to greatness similar to Sonic Generations failed to meet my expectations that was pretty standard. After that, I just lost faith in the 3D sonic games. They haven't been good in forever and I don't like that is likely to happen again. All the 3D Sonic games that released after Generations were mediocre for the most part.

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