20 Best Sonic Games of All Time

Sonic The Hedgehog has had a long and storied history over the past decades, but which are the best Sonic games ever made?

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Rebel_Scum327d ago

If I have to read another one of these lists that contains the sentence "The game that started it all" I'm gonna go nuts.

And when it comes to fan favourite zones in Sonic 3 (he mentioned Hydro City, Marble Garden and Launch Base), I'd replace Launch base and Marble Garden with Ice Cap zone. Never heard anyone refer to the others as favourites.

NJShadow327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

I sorta' stopped caring about this list when I saw Sonic Spinball (a genuinely great game) ranked lower than some of the noted atrocities.

Pyrofire95327d ago

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed is still my favorite kart racer.
I've never really been able to play online tho. D:
Can't even play Team Sonic Racing online cause the servers are broken and don't queue people together.
P.S. This is such a random list. I really don't agree with it. Maybe this really is how they rank it but them just seems odd personally.