The Best and Worst Transitions to 3D in Gaming

KeenGamer: "Let’s rank every game series that started 2D and moved to 3D! The consoles of the 90s added an extra dimension to gaming which many game series grabbed with both hands. Some picked it up great, some picked it up not so well, and some didn’t pick it up for quite some time. Which games made the transition better than the rest?"

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gurp46d ago

MGS should be in the S-Tier, if you read the article

-Foxtrot46d ago

They need to do Worms 5, a new full on 3D game, the ones they've been doing lately have kind of lost touch with all the little changes just to make it feel "new".

I loved the destruction of the map and the carnage you could unleash, imagine if they really stuck at it with the technology now available on this gen consoles. The battle between players when you had your own castle at other ends of the map was great to play.

Fntastic45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Worms was OK in 3d, the best early game was Worms 2 since you could play online, and even using a dial-up connection it was relatively smooth since it was turn based. You could find people at all hours in the lobby, was pretty active for years.

WA/WWP were basically the same game. Though the fact you could play online with a custom tombstone, and custom full colour maps all auto sent to other players was cool at the time. You could literally make maps from photos or anything.

The newer 2D games seem to have less stuff you can customise than the early games, that should not be a thing.

That reminds me though, I found an old program called PWChat on my 20 year old HDD a little while back, you could go in rooms and spam ascii art with it, but it seems worms 2 servers aren't active anymore so the program is kinda useless now. Still.. a neat piece of history for a lost program.