GamePro: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

Gamepro writes: "This follow up to last year's MotorStorm delivers in a big way. Set in a tropical backdrop, Pacific Rift offers some of the most intense off-road racing I've ever seen. Races are divided up into the four basic elements; water, fire, earth and wind. Tracks from each of these categories are dominated by the elements they represent. Fire has you racing alongside volcanoes and jumping over streams of lava while tracks in the air circuit are up in the mountains and so on. Each category has more than enough tracks to keep you interested and every one has its own unique challenges".

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Jamegohanssj53702d ago

Now that's the score I am talking about for Motorstorm. I just find it weird as someone else had said how can Motorstorm not be better than the first when it improves in each category it failed in the first time.


remanutd553702d ago

at jame , you my friend are right, i havent played the game yet but dont understand reviewers when they say motorstorm pr improves a lot from its predecessor and yet scores lower lol, kinda weird if you ask me , they could give it 2/5 i'll still get it , i dont care about a review , i just wanna play the worlds most brutal off road racing there is, i hope the AI is at least as though as the first one , frustrated times lies ahead but then again thats why i love motorstorm lol, see you online

Jamegohanssj53702d ago

I can't wait to get the game, but I don't know when I will. It may be around Christmas.


James Vanderbeek3702d ago

the white media always rate ps3 games harder..