Gears of War 2 Ending

This is the full ending to Gears of War 2.

Rick Astley5755d ago

Yeah dude this is just laughable.

Killjoy30005755d ago

I thought Halo's ending was weak, this is just pathetic.

shazam5755d ago

i swear this game is like a big gears 1 expansion pack. its the exact same sh|t.

Timesplitter145755d ago

and the final boss looks REALLY underwhelming.

Homicide5755d ago

I hate games with poor endings. You should feel like you accomplished something, but damn that was one bad ending.

lawman11085755d ago

This ending is way better then the first game, since I KNOW you never played it just go and check that on youtube. Want to talk weak endings? How about RFOM?

BobDog5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

rfom set up r2 perfectly

i hated rfom commentary for the campaign, thats the only thing i didnt like about the story, but insomniac have fixed that for r2

o well im off to play more 8 player co-op r2 beta =D

El_Colombiano5755d ago

Dude, lawman1108, nobody is hating on God of War. They're just stating how this is a laughable ending to GeOW2.

BattleAxe5755d ago

This Gears of War 2 looks like a decent DOUBLE "A" title.

sonarus5755d ago

@lawman you say its better than gears 1 like its a good thing. It is better than gears 1 but still poor compared to industry standard. But i guess its epic best effort

UT3 ending http://www.youtube.com/watc...

As you can see they are improving...slowly:D

shazam5754d ago

What? UT3 had a story? People actually played it to the end? People actually played it period?

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Rick Astley5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

ROFL @ the "better story" statements by Epic.

Shaka2K65755d ago

Disappointing just like this POS game.

already cancell my tears of war 1.5 pre-order in for Resistance 2 a true sequel with a story that wont leave sleeping after 4 minutes into the game like tears of war 1.5 story is abysmal to say the least.

elshimiablo5755d ago

after fable 2

LOL MS is so dead and so is x360

Bill Gates5755d ago

What the hell is game game running at? 15FPS?

It's Choppy as all hell....AHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHHA

Once again the baboons got OWNED!!!!!!!....AHAHAHAHAHHAAH AHAHAHA

pixelsword5755d ago (Edited 5755d ago )

I've always said that most of this game would be on rails, and the ending proves it. You were in that helicopter and you couldn't control your movements, just like the grind lifts, just like the elevator. I called this months ago ever since the grind lift trailer. The way the end boss was killed seemed to be by proxy, but until I actually play it myself, I'll withhold that comment until later.

CliffyBee5755d ago


What can I say, I'm a terrible game maker. That ending wasn't done by me...promise! :P OK it was, and I am rubbish at making games.

GoW 3 will be better, promise! (nb - i do NOT promise)

Lanoire5755d ago

Rofl damn stupid people.

This is the flop game that is going to get the inflated 9 scores?
Yes, even 9 is inflated on this game. Seen the multiplayer vids yet?

Damn talk about slow, slow and LAST GEN.