Gamedaily: Far Cry 2 Review

Gamedaily writes: "Far Cry 2 throws the rulebook out the window and lets you tear apart Africa any way you see fit. That sense of freedom, along with non-stop action and decent multiplayer, make it a game worth checking out this holiday season.

In the game, you play a mercenary in Africa, rather than a tropical paradise. Right off the bat, you run into bad luck, ambushed by gun-toting guards and contracting malaria. When you come to, a criminal known as the Jackal, a local gunrunner, taunts you and declares himself invulnerable. Your mission in the game is simple. Find and kill the Jackal by any means necessary."

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MrWonderful3702d ago

i cant read this because im at work but has anyone reviewed the ps3 version?

sushipoop3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

They have this exact same review in the PS3 section as well. This review is for both, PS3 and 360 versions.