Square Enix Xenogears Bring Arts: Weltall Action Figure dated

The release date has been revealed for the Square Enix Xenogears Bring Arts: Weltall Action Figure.

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UKRsoldierPRO69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Releasing March 27th for $90.

saoco69d ago

Too pricey for me. But I love xenogears. Still play it on the vita.

Godmars29069d ago

A remake styled a-la Octopath traveler would be nice.

Enate69d ago

I'm curious what you mean by that comment. Like would you want them to change it to look like Octopath, or do you mean just as far as updating it?

Godmars29068d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The base character pixel art and turn based gameplay. Update battle animations. Wouldn't Xenogears to look like Octopath, rather an improved version of itself.

As apposed to the totally, technically unrecognizable, overhauled multi-entry ms FF7's likely to be.

Magnus69d ago

Fei Elly and Weltall come on bring Id