Hey, Square Enix, Forget NFT’s and Provide Re-Releases of These Classic Games

Nobody wants NFT's in the gaming world...but they do want Einhander.

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InklingGirl127d ago

I would soil myself if ANYTHING was announced in the Legacy of Kain universe.

127d ago
Gardenia126d ago

A remake of Soul Reaver is still one of the things I really would like to see.

MocBistro127d ago

You know what makes easy money Konami? Symphony of The Night remake

FinalFantasyFanatic126d ago

That is a very small list and I'm sure Square-Enix has more games than that under it's belt that could use a re-release (no FF Tactics or Valkyrie Profile? Front Mission? Parasite Eve? Secret of Evermore? Brave Fencer Musashi?). This could have been a much better list as Square-Enix owns lots of great old games that they haven't touched or made use of in recent years.