Xenogears Collbaration Event is Back for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Players Can Summon Classic Xenogears Characters, Challenge New Events and More.

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Knightofelemia892d ago

Well since Chrono Cross is getting a new paint job and being released as a remaster on the Switch. I think it's time Xenogears also got some love and got a remaster as well for current and next gen systems. Still one of my favorite games I like FF7 but top on my list is Xenogears as my favorite SquareEnix title. Wish Namco would get their head out of their ass and just remaster the Xenosaga trilogy as well I would day one the Xenosaga trilogy and a remaster of Xenogears.

Tetsujin891d ago

If Xenogears get a redo, PLEASE don't go the random battling route!

Come to think of it, SE could easily make Xenogears as a real-time combat game. Or a beat-em-up hybrid.

Michiel1989891d ago

I kinda like the random battles, if they arent every 3 seconds. I felt like in FF7 there were too few battles and most of them were over in 10-15 seconds. I dont think the random battles are a pillar of excellent game design or anything, but i like them in my turn based games.

FinalFantasyFanatic891d ago

Why not just handle it like Bravely Default does, give us a slider to increase/decrease the encounter rate so you can either focus on grinding or playing the story whenever you choose.

leahcim891d ago

thank god CC will be released on Playstation too.


pietro1212891d ago

I don’t want Square to touch Xenogears unless it’s a remaster or Monolith Soft is involved. Xenogears just isn’t Xenogears without Tetsuya Takahashi .

FinalFantasyFanatic891d ago

After what they've done to FF7R, I just want a remaster or port instead of a remake, no more remakes from SE.

pietro1212891d ago

I honestly didn’t mind FFVII Remake, but I don’t consider it a remake. Often times it acted as a sequel of sorts knowing that Sephiroth and Aerith are aware of the other timeline, then you have Zack. I actually loved the so called remake it reminded of action RPGs of the past especially the snes and pax era. Plus Takahashi loves Nomura. I honestly don’t want anymore remaster from them because they cheap out with that A.I scaling and it looks like crap.

FinalFantasyFanatic890d ago


I just dislike the story changes, the whispers, everything after the highway... Kinda ruined the game for me, but that's really the only major blight for me apart from the poor pacing (you can really tell they tried to stretch those first 10 or so hours out).

I'm pretty happy with AI Scaling, looks pretty good, especially if the original assets are lost or the company is unwilling to redraw it. AI is getting crazy good these days and it's scary, it's not perfect, but it's acceptable for an older game.

pietro1212890d ago

I won't disagree with you there a lot of it did feel like filler content. It shouldn't had only taking pace in Midgar. Once again didn't mind the story changes because I don't see it as remake, the story doesn't present it's as such. That being said I would like more 1:1 remakes from Square mainly Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve and I'm on fence about Xenogears. But I personally feel those are Square's strongest games and they deserve a second chance.


Square Enix Cruelly Brings Back Xenogears as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Crossover

Square Enix is pulling Xenogears out from its dusty drawer of underutilized IPs, but it's just a collaboration on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

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lodossrage247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Well, it's hard to utilize the IP since it's tied to the Xenosaga franchise and that's with Monolith, who in turn are owned by Nintendo.

gold_drake247d ago

they could easily just make a remake of gears and build off of that.

lodossrage247d ago

I guess they could. But people will have extreme expectations that they won't be able to meet. Just look at how Chrono Cross and any games that came after the original Valkyrie Profile were initially treated

RpgSama246d ago

Get the same people that did Star Ocean the second Story R, that would be AMAZING.

Hofstaderman247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

IP owned by Square. The majority of the development team moved with Monolith. I'm praying that they by some miracle they remake or remaster the game and release the other 5 games to complete the magnum opus that was the original vision.

CrimsonWing69247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

It’s not tied to the Xenosaga franchise.

Xenosaga is 100% owned by Bandai Namco and Xenogears is 100% owned by Square. Nintendo and Monolith own Xenoblades.

Square can absolutely do a Remake, Remaster, or port of Xenogears without any issue.

Hell, I own Xenogears on PS3 and PS TV, which was after the Xenosaga series.

gold_drake247d ago

they already did that yeeears ago.

notachance247d ago

A remake in the style of Star Ocean Second Story R would be awesome

RpgSama246d ago

Just said that above before scrolling down and seeing your message, 10000% agree.

raWfodog246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

I’m hoping that they have some plans to remake Xenogears. It continues to baffle me why they are not listening to the loud pleas from fans. Especially when they consider new IPs to be a ‘risk’ these days. I would love new IPs too but don’t throw away your old, proven ones.

Sephiroushin245d ago

they changed direcction not long ago, they might do it now

Godmars290246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

You say cruelty, I say ineptness.

This also makes me more pissed than disappointed.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius X Parasite Eve Event Going On Now

Starting on September 21, Square Enix’s popular mobile roleplaying game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius begins its latest collaboration event, Parasite Eve. During this event, which lasts until October 11, participating players can look forward to new collaboration units, events, login bonuses and other rewards.

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persona4chie303d ago

I know it’s been said before, but hopefully they’ll bring back parasite Eve. Especially with them looking at their back catalog. A lot of people still want it

Knightofelemia303d ago

SquareEnix must be playing nice with the creator of Aya this could be a good thing. Parasite Eve on newer consoles would be a great thing.

Blax303d ago

Really hoping this leads to something more.