IGN: Resistance 2 Berserks and Multiplayer Guide

To help you with some pointers, SCEA and Insomniac provided IGN with the following video on Berserks. What are Berserks, you ask? These are rewards that players gain for accomplishing their goals in competitive multiplayer matches. Initially you only have a few, but you gain multiple powers as you play more. Some of these range from being able to see heat signatures of enemies through walls to invisibility and even health regeneration for allies. If you want to excel at Resistance 2 tactics on the 60 player battlefield, you'll want to take a look here to start getting familiar with the abilities you'll be able to unleash once you join the beta.

A few new maps are shown in the video.

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Nineball21123702d ago

it adds more tactical thinking into playing.

That one beserk they were talking about where you can blow yourself up when you die sounds similar to that COD4 suicide bomber thing. Yeah, I'm one of the few who don't own COD4 :D

This game is going to just be huge...

Tmac3702d ago

Certainly better than the crappy reload perks in Crap of war.

Lets-Game3702d ago

sucks its only ps3, i really hate playing shooters on console.
with controller you loser the filling of total control. oh well i guess ill have to stick to good old cs.