Breath Of The Wild Has Been Added To The Zelda Series Timeline, But There's A Catch

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has now been given an official placement on the Legend of Zelda series timeline, but things aren't quite as simple as we might have hoped.

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Snookies12438d ago

Do people actually keep up with this timeline? I hear so much about Kingdom Hearts being confusing. Zelda's timeline confuses me more than Kingdom Hearts ever will, lol.

Evilryusam438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

the timeline for KH is much more simple then LoZ, however it's not that the timeline is confusing about KH. It's the flow of events that is hard to keep up, in that regard it's much more frustrating for new players getting into KH, then it would be for a new comer to enjoy any LoZ.

FinalFantasyFanatic438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

My understanding of Zelda is that it branches off a lot in its timelines (with significant passages of time between most games). I'd like to think BoTW takes place in one of the time lines where the fails.

Kh has so many games with the events tied closely together it's hard to keep up.

Sirk7x438d ago

It's because most of the games weren't designed with a timeline in mind, and they forced them into place after fans kept demanding answers.

FuckN4G_TrashSite438d ago

THe only was that were forced were:
Oracles games
Link's Awakening
Four Swords games

All the others made since because they directly mention past events and have direct sequels,
Zelda 1-2
Zelda OoT - Majora's Mask
Zelda Wind Waker - Phantom Hourglass
A Link to the Past - A Link Between Worlds

FuckN4G_TrashSite438d ago

Zelda Timeline isn't confusing.
Breath of the Wild was because it makes references to all games through the lore but that wouldn't make sense.
But since it at the end and not apart of any would make it seem like Breath of the Wild is where all timeline eventually joins again..

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CobraKai438d ago (Edited 438d ago )

I always felt that all previous Zelda games took place prior to BotW. Playing the game, they make references to multiple past entries.

3-4-5438d ago

It's not that complex...some people just can't keep track of things easily.

FinalFantasyFanatic438d ago

Nintendo already explained it anyway so we at least know the order of events that each game falls into.

CorndogBurglar438d ago

That may be true. But if it takes the developers explaining the official timeline then yes, it is overly complex.

CorndogBurglar438d ago

When people, including the people making the games, have trouble figuring out the timeline and where things fit, then yes, it is difficult.

This kind of proves that. Even the developers aren't sure where to place BotW.

And before this, it took them releasing a timeline to explain where all the games fit. So lets not act like "people just can't keep track of things easily". Before they released an official timeline no one knew 100% where every game fit. And if you are claiming that you did then you are lying. That's pretty much the definition of a complex timeline.

JunMei438d ago

That answer really pisses me off. Maybe they'll solidify it in the future.

inxine438d ago

"Actually, the decided history has been tweaked many times.”
what's the point of a timeline then.

Sirk7x437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

Fans demanded it. They didn't even confirm there was a timeline and start putting games into place until 2011. Sure, some titles were direct sequels to others, but some of it is like punching a wrong puzzle piece into place to make it work, especially when time travel splits it into three separate universes. BoTW completely denied all of it.

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