Xbox Game Pass Adds Hitman Season 1, Ruiner, Ryse: Son of Rome, and More In August

Xbox Game Pass members, get ready for action as a variety of new titles for gamers of all ages are on their way. Starting today journey to the ancient Roman Empire with Ryse: Son of Rome; stop a cyberpunk conspiracy in Ruiner; fight two distinct flavors of zombie from the gory hordes in Dead Rising 2 to the 8-bit walkers in The Escapists: The Walking Dead; take an assassination contract in Hitman: Season 1, or leap into metroidvania-style action in Dandara.

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DerekTweed1014d ago

I just bought Ryse: Son f Rome last week.

lxeasy1013d ago

I can't wait to play through Hitman! I played the free Xbox trial they had last year and I really enjoyed it.

conanlifts1013d ago

It was much better than I expected and left me wanting a sequel.

gamer78041013d ago

its really a great game, despite being a launch title.

Switch4One1014d ago

Wow. Honestly Game Pass is unrivaled as a pro consumer service on console. I almost bought all the Hitman episodes and now I don't have to.

lxeasy1013d ago

Yeah I've been tempted to get it a couple times. Glad Hitman is on Game Pass now. Xbox seriously got a home run got a home run with game pass!

GamesMaster19821014d ago

Microsoft need to add more game pass games to the PC side of gamespass.

DaDrunkenJester1013d ago

You guys already don't have to pay for XBL! Let console owners have at least a little perk! haha

Profchaos1013d ago

I have game pass and play both console and pc it's a good thing to have choice it's really good to pick up and play gears 4 on any system for example

Profchaos1013d ago

Ohh I've always wanted to play ryse

SLiSH831013d ago

But cross play is bad #4thegamers according to Sony

gangsta_red1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Wow!!! I came this close to purchasing Ruiner!

Will definitely try Hitman.

coolbeans1013d ago

Same. Ruiner and Dandara have had tempting sales before.

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The story is too old to be commented.