Kikizo: MotorStorm Pacific Rift Review

Kikizo writes: "Renovation is the new innovation, or something like that. This winter's software schedule will be remembered more for perfecting old tricks than inventing new ones, a few pioneers like EA's Spore aside. Take Dead Space, a game whose greasily perfect lighting, holographic menus and goosebump-inducing starscapes positively sweat 'next generation', but a game nonetheless firmly lodged in 2005. Or how about Saints Row 2, perhaps best described as Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City's layabout red-haired step-brother? There's nothing new under the sun, and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift certainly doesn't shirk the trend. This is essentially the same tuned-up, pimped-out box of chrome and mudguards as its warmly received predecessor, plus a scattering of extras: split-screen multiplayer, water, lava and vegetables."

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pp3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Flop no matter how you spin it at the end of the day its still a FLOP

thereapersson3647d ago

Just like your posting career, you asshole troll.

pixelsword3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

The racing felt a little tighter and more real. Even the subtle differences in rock, compressed dirt, and rainforest earth seemed to have affected the steering in the demo. The attention to detail is amazing on the vehicles; especially when you crash: if you pay attention to the slo-mo, you can actually see the metal buckle. And the crashes look much more realistic than the first one; which was impressive in technical and visual terms, didn't look realistic when your vehicle looked like it almost dissembled when you crashed or overheated your Nitrous Oxide.

The crash time now has a visual cue for the skip button (first one had the ability to skip as well, but most people [read: reviewers] didn't know that)

Granted, I was impressed with the first one, but now with the loading improvements plus Trophies, I can't see myself not getting this game.

thereapersson3647d ago

I've had to talk many people who were turned off because of the demo back on to the game, after showing them what the final version will look like.

Seriously though, I don't get how they fix every complaint that was in the first game, and somehow the sequel gets rated the same (or lower in some circumstances). I'm still buying this, though! Now that they added SPLIT SCREEN (of all things, that was one of the most-sought-after features), I can play this game with my friend who is a big Motorstorm fan but doesn't own a PS3 yet.

3003647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Lets spin it this way then. The metacritic rating for this game at this moment in time is 77/100. Now take a look at all the 360 games that average between 75 and 80 on metacritic. Are you telling me that all those games were flops too, because if so, thats a lot of flops on the 360 then, huh.

LOL, fanboys like the above (PP) make me laugh.

Isaac3647d ago

Don't think about what it adds to the first Motorstorm, think of what the first Motorstorm should have been, and then answer the question: Is this what the sequel should have been to the game that should have been? Because I don't think just changing mud for water and lava and uping the graphics make it a sequel, it's more like an expansion pack. How the hell did they manage to take almost 2 years to make this?

I'm gonna get it eventually, I guess Dead Space will be played before. Money is tight now, so LBP, R2 and Dead Space should do.

thereapersson3647d ago

Why bring features out in a sequel when they could have been done in games before them?

Just face it, this game is awesome, and everything that people have been wanting in a sequel to the first title.

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