The Best Final Fantasy Songs You Probably Never Heard From FFXI and FFXIV

Twinfinite writes: So many people love the Final Fantasy series —that much is obvious. But not everyone embraced the two MMORPGs. In fact, a lot of non-fans are still miffed that Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV are numbered entries. The truth, though, is that while I understand not everyone appreciates MMORPG, both FFXI and FFXIV had excellent music.

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Tetsujin177d ago

Final Fantasy 11 - Awakening (Music of the Shadow Lord fight and Dynamis Xarcabard)

I still play them to this day.

strayanalog177d ago

It's not the usual Twinfinite special of 10 or more pages, it's 2 pages of five. This is more acceptable.

As for the article, it's not a bad list. I imagine a first-rate Final Fantasy fan knows these, but I enjoyed what I heard.

PhoenixUp177d ago

Of course FFXI & FFXIV are legitimately numbered entries

GameBoyColor176d ago

Thunder Rolls is the most badass song of any boss battle in ffxiv