Final Fantasy XI Online January version update is now available

SQUARE ENIX® announced that the January version update for FINAL FANTASY® XI Online is now available. #FFXI #JRPG #MMORPG @SquareEnix

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jznrpg68d ago

Didn’t know this game was still going . It is an awesome game

Exvalos68d ago

Wait what ff11 is still online????

sadraiden68d ago

I think I speak for the entirety of humanity when I say this update announcement doubles as a reminder that this game still exists.

Auron68d ago

I wish theyd port this game to modern consoles

Spenok66d ago

I'm honestly surprising it's still going. I have some of my most fond memories in gaming on this game. And I've been gaming for over 25 years.

I wish I had the time to keep playing it, but I just can't. Good on SE continuing to support it after all this time.