Wii Music Review: Finally, (Insert Joke About Waving Your Wii Here)

Wii Music ships today, and while many have chimed in about the it's effectiveness as a game, this review looks at Wii Music from the perspective of an avid game music fan. While the Wii Music theme song and the included mini-games are a lot of fun, the core experience itself might leave people unsatisfied.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3742d ago

SO I heard this game is getting to the top of the sales charts anyway

Rikitatsu3742d ago

Like other Crappy Nintendo casual titles

Imallvol73742d ago

Nintendo just does so much for gamers!!!


Arcubalis3742d ago

I had such high hopes for the game. Like I said, I wish they'd just make a Mii Maestro and Perfect Pitch mini-game compilation. ;D

I guess we shouldn't have expected much else. It is a Touch Generations title after all! But <3 Wii Music theme song!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3742d ago

I wager that Disney Ultimate Band game will sell too.

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