Nintendo patent hints at new Wii Music game, Wii U Music incoming?

A new patent by Nintendo points at the possibility of a new Wii Music game using Wii Motion Plus. The patent goes into great detail on how a music related game would work with the Wii Remote with motion plus.

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ChickeyCantor2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

It's no different than people saying: " Mario needs to retire".

Who gives a crap? It's not like these project cost them an arm and a leg. In fact Wii-Music was done by a very small team. These games are low budget projects.
If there is an actual score editor, this can actually be something worthwhile.

How is it affecting you? Why the dramatic " please"? If someone, even if it's just someone who is going to enjoy this, why take that away from them?

I ask this because hypocrisy doesn't just come from PS3/360 fanboys you know.

Gr812770d ago

Implying I'm a fanboy sidar?

I say no because the first game was lame as hell, killed much of wii's momentum, and is an Utter waste of dev resources where they can focus on something much more appealing.

But hey go ahead and petition for a wii music sequel. You and the three other poor saps anticipating this game can have a ball with this non game ; )

ChickeyCantor2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I don't even like the first game.

" where they can focus on something much more appealing. "

Again, they could probably do thousands of these projects and still not cause a loss. Nothing is lost with this project. Not even the so called " resources" that can easily be replaced.

Again it's the same as people saying how "crappy" mario is since the first game. How it's the same over and over. And people want to see new "ips".

And you poke fun at people who actually enjoy something. Even it's a "non-game". Calling them poor saps.

No Arius, you're a poor sap for having such a narrow view. Don't like it? Move on. Your gaming needs aren't affected.

Gr812770d ago

Not the same as Mario, because Mario actually sells. It's an opinion of mine that the game was lame, nothing more nothing less.

Don't know why you're jumping on me for this, every one has an opinion, I have no problem at all with the tastes of gamers varying greatly from mine, that's sort of the point of successful consoles to cater to as many folks as possible.

I don't think Wii Music is that game, Wii Sports on the other hand? I'll gladly take more of that. You obviously didn't catch my tongue in cheek reply to you, in regards to a 'non-game' and the 'poor saps' that enjoy it.

Don't see where the attitude comes from, however..maybe your still hot because I said Wind Waker sucks?

In fact, if another console Zelda adopts that crappy artstyle again, I'll say the same thing I said about a Wii Music sequel 'please, no..just no'

Good Day, Friend ; )

Jadedz2770d ago

It was very bare bones, and limited. Motion plus functionality could add a lot to the experience, and the Wii U game pad could be used for a number of different musical instruments.

I want the ability to create "my own music," with videos, and a sharing mode that'll guarantee Mii popularity (Mii Idol, anyone? :P).

Benjamminkno2769d ago

Yes, I concur. The old WiiMusic was lame
Does anyone remember "Mario Paint"?
It had a wonderful music mechanic that seemed revolutionary back in the nineties. Surely Nintendo would do well rereleasing this game on WiiU.
I had so much fun playing that game, and now we don't need a mouse!
I hope Nintendo makes this new music game worthwhile.

newn4gguy2769d ago

I agree. I would recommend Pixeljunk: 4am, as well.

RFornillos42769d ago

i agree. anyway, the document/image could have been referring to THE Wii Music or possibly a planned sequel that did not came to be.

but honestly, now that this has come up, I believe the Wii U has potential for serious music-based games or even more. imagine what you can do with peripherals like those used with Rock Band Pro, and the gamepad as your mixing stage. hmm...

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