Nintendo Patents What Could Be Wii Music 2 For Wii U

A recent patent discovered by NeoGAF user Rosti suggests that Nintendo might be working on a follow-up to Wii Music for the Wii U.

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Summons751699d ago

because it sold surprisingly well and with next gen improvements plus what they could improve/add to it, it has the potential to do just as well if not better.

randomass1711700d ago

Man, this better not get a lot of screen time at the digital event, if at all.

MNGamer-N1700d ago

Miyamoto's secret new project? J/K

randomass1711700d ago

Nah, couldn't be. What new IP takes this many years to develop? Certainly not a Wii Music game.

MNGamer-N1700d ago

Hence the "Just Kidding" at the end. But he made the first one didn't he? It's not impossible.

randomass1711700d ago

I would certainly hope it isn't happening. What a letdown that would be if it was Miyamoto's next game...

Geobros1700d ago

I hope not!! But impossible is nothing with Nintendo...

coltlokk1700d ago


Acually, Wii Music wasn't THAT bad, it just wasn't very good either...and the way they presented it at E3...*shudders*

Whatever, as long as it's like a 30 sec announcement it's ok. Maybe they are trying to bring Guitar Hero/Rock Band esque music games back....

ChickeyCantor1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

awww yish my body is Reggie ( /sarcasm )

If they add in piano rolls/score editor. Mixing capabilities it could probably a fun non-game type of thing.

It would be mario paint all over again, but instead of youtube it's just officially from Nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.