Konami takes down the Unreal Engine 4-powered fan remake of Silent Hills P.T.

DSOGaming writes: "And another one bites the dust. Last month, GameJolt’s Qimsar released a beta version of his PT remake in Unreal Engine 4, however, Konami got in touch with him and shut down the project. Not that this surprised us but… yeah… we all knew this would happen."

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Leeroyw1712d ago

Agreed. But they did offer the writer of the removed content a paid internship. That's pretty cool.

Enigma_20991712d ago

Seriously? Would you actually want to work for current day Konami?
Hope you like scrubbing toilets...

akaFullMetal1713d ago

I still have PT saved on my ps4. What could've been.

MrSugarholic1713d ago

I don't. Somehow mine got deleted and I didn't remember doing it. They should have kept it up and just removed the ending Silent Hills tease.

Goldby1713d ago

There may still be a work around to get it back on Ur system if the updates to firmware haven't removed it

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CurbStompin1713d ago

Just get a hackable PS4, you can have every game released before May 2018 for free.

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Cmv381713d ago

My ps4 got stolen with pt on it. Sons of bitches

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Akarogg 1713d ago

Buy Dreams and play my full version of Silent Hills based on P.T

Akarogg 1713d ago

I have written a long script and am ready to roll out the game very soon after Dreams release

KwietStorm_BLM1712d ago

Japanese men in black suits will probably be knocking on your door too.

stefd751712d ago

Silly question but what is dreams ??

thatguyhayat1712d ago


Its PS4 title thats yet to be released where you create your own story within the game levels and such

Akarogg 1712d ago


I have already made it in LBP3 with 50 000 plays and no visits from black suited japanese

Akarogg 1712d ago


It's a game where you create games, made by Media Molecule, the same creators behind Little Big Planet. You can create anything, it will release for PS4

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DigitalSoulja1713d ago

Not that Konami isn’t a piece of shit company, it is. But I really don’t blame them for this. Seriously can’t believe people are surprised or angry when stuff like this is taken down (like the unofficial Pokémon game). You can’t just steal someone else’s IP and expect to get away with it, sorry.

bouzebbal1713d ago

except it's not an IP of any kind. it's a canned project teaser.

DigitalSoulja1713d ago

Yes it is dude.

What intellectual property is:

the names of your products or brands
your inventions

the design or look of your products
things you write, make or produce

Copyright, patents, designs and trade marks are all types of intellectual property protection.

You get some types of protection automatically, others you have to apply for.

What counts as intellectual property:

Intellectual property is something unique that you physically create. An idea alone is not intellectual property. For example, an idea for a book doesn’t count, but the words you’ve written do.

You own intellectual property if you:

created it (and it meets the requirements for copyright, a patent or a design)

bought intellectual property rights from the creator or a previous owner

have a brand that could be a trade mark, eg a well-known product name

Intellectual property can:

have more than one owner
belong to people or businesses
be sold or transferred

Razzer1713d ago

Pretty good explanation, DigitalSoulja.

Konami still sucks tho. :)

annoyedgamer1713d ago

This is the offline equivalent of a MMORPG private server. It was only a matter of time.

sprinterboy1712d ago

Which they own the rights too, dumb comment of the day, that's like saying I could do a 8days game from the teased ps3 launch trailer and get away with it.

cooperdnizzle1712d ago

Ehhh. It’s more of a grey area. I can copy a song and release it as long as I don’t profit from said song. A “cover” if you will. Is what it is

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Razzer1713d ago

What IP are they stealing?

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PapaBop1712d ago

Were they trying to profit on it before it was taken down? It might be Konami's IP and they did have the right to take it down but it's not like they are doing anything with the IP and if anything, could have helped generate interest in reviving it. Japanese companies though, run by a bunch of dinosaurs who just don't understand things like this.

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Kokyu1713d ago

Man they really just dont like good will do they.

The7Reaper1712d ago

I mean they offered the dude an internship, seems like good will to me.

raptor_aktual1712d ago

Paid internship? If so, then cool. If not, then modernslavery.txt