Silent Hill P.T. Explained

Ready Game Survive digs deep into the Silent Hills demo, P.T., to explain all you need to know about it and help you best understand what it is and what it was meant to be

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Orchard131d ago

Explained in one word: Pain.

130d ago
SierraGuy130d ago

Also explains your childhood.

Relientk77131d ago

Still one of the scariest gaming experiences I've ever played, and it was only a demo. Might even be the scariest.

SullysCigar131d ago

I can't seem to part with my old PS4 because this is installed! It's freaky as hell, even now.

EvertonFC131d ago

Worth some money online with PT installed

Gamingsince1981130d ago


Thats a bit strange considering you can download it from torrent sites and install on a ps4 , its pretty easy to get the demo.

CaptainHenry916131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Visage copied this demo big time

Neonridr131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Visage was a great game though. Got a little weak towards the last chapter, but the first 2 chapters were particularly amazing. I'm glad we got at least one game that utilized the potential of the PT Demo.

Venoxn4g130d ago

I heard that Madison game was great too.. plus hopefully we will still see the release of Allison Road.

mark_loprototype130d ago

Oh, absolutely. Many supernatural indie horror games that released in the past 7 years wouldn't exist without P.T.

I even question if you'd have games like Phasmophobia, as P.T. kind of let devs know that the broader gaming community was receptive to slow-paced, atmospheric horror and enjoyed sharing that experience (for P.T., it was over YouTube/Twitch).

curtain_swoosh131d ago

this game.. damn.
i shit my briefs when i played it haha. but its sooo good. or was.

Elda131d ago

A great game demo. The demo didn't scare me while playing but it definitely had a creep factor. The part I thought was somewhat creepy was the radio broadcaster reports of the murders that took place in the house.

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The story is too old to be commented.