Dataminer gets PT playable on a PlayStation 5 via hacked emulator

From Eurogamer: "Konami horror project P.T. has been made playable on a PlayStation 5, via a hacked PS4 emulator.

Streamer and dataminer Lance McDonald has managed to get the game working on a non-jailbroken PS5 console.

Essentially, a legitimate copy of P.T. is required as well as an active PSN account on both a jailbroken PS5 and a normal, fully updated PS5. The emulator is then transferred from one to the other."

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MIDGETonSTILTS17114d ago

Hopefully the October 19 Silent Hill announcement makes it so that I don’t need to fret with eBay and all of this emulator nonsense to enjoy a 10 minutes demo for Halloween….

How does Konami not appreciate how much they spite their face when they tarnish Kojima’a legacy?

MrBaskerville114d ago

While we'll surely get several SH projects in the coming years, expecting anything related to P.T. is setting yourself up for dissapointment. Sadly.

MIDGETonSTILTS17114d ago

Yeah I get the sense that Kojima might’ve literally shat on his boss’ desk before leaving