Eurogamer Fable II Review

Fable II's generous and forgiving template isn't one that many games choose to follow, but it proves convincingly that if you're clever enough, you can create a consistent challenge without resorting to mindless punishment, and you can craft a sharply told story that still has room for the player to express themselves within. Inclusive and often thought-provoking, this is a daring portrait of a game-world with all the failure cut out, and it's hard not to love a game that loves you so much in return. Fable II will charm you, thrill you, and leave you very, very happy.

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Fishy Fingers5715d ago

Great score/review. Poor submission. Why take the final paragraph for your caption? It just posses to confuse people who actually like to read the reviews (like me).

bouncybullet5715d ago

Well meh, you'll be missing out on a great game.

kindi_boy5715d ago

this game has ton of technical issues and it lacks in certain departments never a 10, 8.5 is about ok. Eurogamer are losers

"god save the queen" lmao

Legion5714d ago

Did anyone else think the author was talking as if he had a cob up his @ss?

Good review but the author was trying to show off his vocabulary.

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3sexty rulzzz5715d ago

xbox exclusive. RPG at its finest. an action aventure rpg; can't get no better than that. my xbox will be smiling by years' end.

yamamoto1145715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

People will do it anyways, because all people give a sh*t about is that it's on Xbox, and it's against their fanboy ideals to like a game on a rival platform, no matter how good that game may be.

Stupid fanboys.

Mr PS35715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

EuroBoT Strikes Again !!!!

Feeble II


Ha Ha The Truth Hurts Dont it kleeneeze
Not as Much as Suffering a RRoD
But it Hurts

This Game Feeble II Sucks !!
And all the Bot site's giving this game good scores aint gonna ghange that Fact

Keele5715d ago

Change Mr Ps3 to Mr Fail.

360 man5715d ago

and thats why mr ps3 you have 1 bubble

GiantEnemyLobster5715d ago

WAY better than Littlefagplanet.

elshimiablo5715d ago

It is averaging at 89%
most websites gave it 8/10


ouch for MS and PETER

kratos-i-am5715d ago

I think Eurogamer might have been a little to excited when reviewing this game as IGN says "Falls short on other Western RPGs like Oblivion, Mass effect..." Where they gave it an 8.8!

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byeGollum5715d ago

i knew they wold score it a 10 - oh yeah its eurogamer

Thomazii5715d ago

Eurogamer (almost) always rates games lower than there average. They gave fifa 09 a 8 and some other games that were rated 8-9s they gave it a 6 or 7. Eurogamer rate low

sackboy says hi5715d ago

sackboy says did eurogamer not give me a 10/10 as well (-_-)

pls stop with all this sh1t......fable 2 is good game and its deserve the high score it been getting.

FOXDIE5715d ago

you probably got a 10 but snake did not :( *SOB SOB SOB*

kindi_boy5715d ago

this game never a 10 not with all the technical issues...
"god save the queen"

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sajj3165715d ago

Nice .. must buy as I enjoyed the original!