Anthem's Javelin Suits Get Additional Details; No Gender Variation, Unlocked One By One

Additional details on the Anthem's Javelin armors have emerged online thanks to the game's Executive Producer Mark Darrah

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meka26111211d ago

Anyone else find it messed up that nowadays they actually have to say no gender variation?

AnubisG1211d ago

Yes, I do. This is what the SJW crowd has created.

Eonjay1211d ago

I could have sworn that during the E3 demo they said that there would be variations for female... you know like boob armor if you go in with a female and broad chest armor for males. Whats the point of even getting to select a gender if they all look the same? Thats just lazy to me. I mean in reality, there are not female and male tanks but still... even Destiny has visible customization...

GrimDragon1211d ago

Well that sucks for those of us that wanted sexy javelins with metal tits. Guess we’re going for realism with this game and non gender conformity because I forgot....gender is a social construct.

rdgneoz31211d ago

While gender is a social construct, biological sex (which is what you're picking for your Freelancer) is why we might have gotten sexy javelins with metal tits (unless you like fat guy tits, not judging). Sadly though, no sexy javelins with metal tits. It's most likely time and cost efficient for them not to, as if they release DLC for more javelin classes down the road (its EA, they most likely will), then they don't have to do 2 per class (one with boobs and one without).

gamer78041211d ago

I like to have a custom character, this game seems to get more generic the more i hear about it.

bloop1211d ago

*"Vae victis"

If you're going to needlessly spam every article on N4G with that, at least get it right.

bluefox7551211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Meh, a missed opportunity, probably done for political reasons considering it's Bioware. I think MHW did gendered armor variants well. When I made a female character, it was like getting completely new sets of the armor I'd already had.

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