Anthem Won't Have Player-to-Player Trading at Launch

Mark Darrah should be known as the real MVP from now on. Ever since Anthem's announcement last Saturday, he has answered hundreds of questions.

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cha0sknightmare218d ago

Was not at all impressed with the E3 demo of this game. Totally off my radar now.

Swiftfox218d ago

The comments regarding explanation confuse me a bit. " insure a control on balance". The game doesn't have PVP. Even when it does have PVP chances are it will be arena based like Destiny in instanced maps people have to queue for. Player trading doesn't inform balance in a PVE context at all.

Why not just come out with the real reason? "No trading between players because we want you to grind countless hours extending the length of the game which will hide the lack of overall content while maximizing the likelihood of you purchasing micro-transactions."