Ubisoft - I Want My Assassin's Creed Back

Ubisoft is one of the world's biggest games publishers and Assassin's Creed is its biggest franchise. Origins is good and with Odyssey they will go full-blown RPG. But they will also move totally away from what an Assassin's Creed game is - and I don't want that.

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chrisx132d ago

don't know about u but I'm loving the RPG elements big time.

GottaBjimmyb130d ago

Same, new version is better IMO.

neutralgamer1992130d ago

New vision is better because old vision was getting stale but now I fear ubi will run this into the ground too so they must evolve and take risks

Their lack of risk taking was the main reason old AC games lost what made them special

-Foxtrot132d ago

Exactly it's not Assassins Creed anymore

The Assassins, the order, the hidden blade, the cloaked hood and so's basically a game where you move around to different time periods, that's it.

Least start a new IP

bigmalky130d ago

People said that about God of War.

Inzo130d ago

And many fans were quite rightly concerned as Barlog himself pointed out but at its core GOW was still GOW with RPG elements. This game seems to have gone full out RPG with some of the core features that made AC being dropped completely.

bigmalky130d ago

There are still assassination missions, gadget use, map marker quests, the ship lets you base build by the sound, there are still side missions, it's open world, there will still be rival factions...

The premise is the same, it's just been built on. To be honest, I like this style, but that's personal preference. No idea how Odyssey is going to be a totally different game, other than cutting all the monotonous bullshit out and making things more meaningful.

It's like gamers' brains have been on autopilot all these years, just doing collect quests and repetitive side missions without reward... Origins changed that. Is that seriously a bad thing?

starchild130d ago

You're really fond of saying certain games no longer belong to the franchise of which they are a part. However, you're extremely arbitrary about it. To me God of War represents a significant change from the previous games in nearly every major aspect, but you have nothing negative to say about it. You defintely love to call out multiplats like Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed, though, even though their changes are no more drastic or fundamental.

To be clear I love God of War and I think the changes were positive. It's simply that I don't think there's anything wrong about the evolution seen in those other franchises either.

-Foxtrot130d ago

Maybe I say it because a lot of them are, they'd rather keep the franchises name then make a new IP because they are scared to take that risk. God of War is something that's went on for 7 or so games which started to feel samey, they clsoed the Greek mythology chapter and started a new chapter in the Norse world, the changes feel like a more mature path like the one Kratos has taken as a character. It feels natural and more like an evolution of the series especially to where the character is now compared to Greece.

Tomb Raider could have easily kept the like the older games and Assassins Creed could have went on a long break while they focus on newer games or revive old ones like the Prince of Persia.

Assassins Creed is not evolving, it's just adding whatever shit together to try and feel more different so people don't go on about with how quick they are released they feel the same.

goldwyncq130d ago

According to speculation, this game might be the Templar's origin story.

And pretty sure we'll get the hidden blade, similar to what another PS4 game did, bringing back an iconic weapon halfway through the game.

CP_Company130d ago

Layla is assassin's child. She can't told a story about templar, it is not in her DNR.

Liqu1d130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@CP_Company The Animus she uses allows her to explore the memories of Ancestors unrelated to her. She has no ancestral ties to any Assassin. She used DNA samples from Bayek and Aya to explore their memories.

Layla found one of Herodotus' books, who referred to a Spartan mercenary (Oddessy main character) who came into contact with Isu artifacts, even wielding one which is Leonidas' spear.

It's possible we'll see an order similar to the Templars or The Order of the Ancients be founded in AC Oddessy.

lociefer130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

At this point it's not even assasin creed, they are trying different games under the same IP because they are too lazy to develope new mechanics and/or engine , if they released this game under let's say "sparta" ip , people will go "oooh but it controls /feels the same as AC" so they just don't bother

EDKICK129d ago

Origins was literally about the start of the Assassin's order how could it be anymore about the Order. Origins had the best future story sections since III and actually made a real reference back to Desmond for the first time since III (If I'm not mistaken) (Unity and Syndicate barely focused on the future story). Origins had interesting combat, weapons, loot, and quests for the first time in the series. What exactly is the problem?

Sirk7x129d ago

Games that cost that much to make, and have an IP that powerful already don't just change the name of it to something else when they're trying to make mainstream money. You can argue that they should, but they won't lol.

Helios86129d ago

I'd much prefer that, every game takes place in a different time period with a self contained story.
The general story in Assassins Creed is pretty damn bad, at this point I assume they are just keeping the name for the brand recognition.

No Way129d ago

I agree. These games have gone so far off tilt from the 1st game. The first, truly, is still my favorite AC game... it had great stealth. It was smarter to run, than fight. Because you weren't a super hero. Yo ass would die, in the 1st game, if you aint run. You couldnt just run in and kill everyone. It was smart to look for the opportune moment.

I miss it.

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KentBlake131d ago

I'm a huge AC fan since the beginning. I played every single game in the franchise, including the spin-offs, and my favorite game so far is....Origins.

So, Ubisoft, keep doing what you're doing. It's fine by me.

starchild130d ago

Yep, I like the direction they are taking the series. My only quibbles would be that I really want to see the series explore Asian settings like Ancient China and Feudal Japan. And it also might be nice if they gave us more time in between releases since each game is so large and contains so much content.

Legatus130d ago

Agree with you, but for the feudal Japan setting we are covered with the upcoming Ghost Tsushima.

LucasRuinedChildhood130d ago

Tbh, I'm fine with all of the RPG stuff if they could just emphasize climbing and platforming a bit more.

Chaosdreams131d ago

First time i've been interested in an Assassins Creed game, in well, ever. (I love the era).

Gh05t130d ago

The point is they could have called the game Odyssey, taken out any reference to Assassin's Creed and you would probably still like it.

On the other hand this is so far from what the franchise started off as it's an assassins game in name only.

boing1130d ago

AC is an established IP. The game still has all the traits of AC game. Calling the game differently wouldn't be a wise business decision. Especially when Origins was critically well acclaimed and received.

Gh05t129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Totally clearly missed my point and "The game still has all the traits of AC game" is a laugh at its finest. What is a trait of just the assassins alone in the game... perhaps a missing finger and an assassins hidden blade?

Lets look at the skill tree under "Assassination" shall we. It reads "Using the spear of Leonidas..."

Again I am not saying this wont be a good game... This is just not an Assassins Creed game except for the title and now forced in story.

Hell I want to play this game but I also want to play some more true to form Assassins Creed games where you have to figure out what path to take to climb a building, where stealth is a huge mechanic not just "available" where you make multiple hidden blade kills and going way back where you had puzzles to solve in cathedrals.

No Way129d ago

Boing1 - Incorrect. The first game started as a stealth assassination game. The games now are superheros with swords. You couldn't fight in the first game, like you can now. Killing a WHOLE army. Try that in the first game... good luck. Secondly, they've gone away from the "blending in the crowd" aspect. Third, you no longer blend in with any 'normal' people, as in your outfit.

These aren't what AC was meant to be; or at the least what it started out as.

Im fine, however, with the games - its just not AC. Also, its supposed to be roughly based on history. Why is our assassin glowing in fire? Jumping and living from 100 feet? Etc etc

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