Some Fans Aren't Feeling Resident Evil 2's Remake Faces

Capcom is remaking Resident Evil 2. Originally released on the PlayStation in 1998, the remake will feature new character models. Meaning? Of course, the characters are going to look slightly different. Some fans are feeling the new designs, while others are not.

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naruga153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

I said it from the start ..the damn faces look ugly and weird (more people are complaining ) and i dont understand the reason Capcom keep doing this...Chris was ugly as f in RE7 and the anime movie ....and now the same happens with Leon and Claire... WTF Capcom ???

TeamIcoFan152d ago

They look fine, calm your tits.
Both of these characters are American, so naturally it'd make sense to make them look the part.

GamesMaster1982151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

But m8 it’s a video game and even you can’t deny that even Claire looks 100 times better here than Revalations 2 model ? . They look fine too me and zombies, yes real bastard zombies for a change look better than ever . Fed up of all the fake mutant zombie crap, real zombies are the bread and butter of scary . If any thing the crosshair is too big I say , should of been a little red dot , and that is my only minor thing about it all .

kreate151d ago

Its becuz this game is low budget. Capcom could of done so much better.

GamesMaster1982151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Yeah low budget , come on pal really . It was one of capcoms biggest game franchise of all time . And by looks budget has not been an issue . Look some folks grew up with the action 4 5,6 Resi games. I grew from the first , still one of my faves. This game here is a thank you too all fans , and a enjoy a real survival horror game to new fans.

CrimsonWing69151d ago

Are you kidding me!? Low budget, where did you pull that out from?

kreate151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


Well we'll see about that. Its a day one buy for me becuz I loved RE2 and RE3. But this remake trailer did not impress me at all.

naruga151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

@ kreate ...i though the same exact thing..seems very cheapy and quick made

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Tito08151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Not for nothing, but I stopped being a Capcom fan because of pretty much other Capcom fans/fanboys. There are far more important issues in the gaming industry that all y'all want to worry about is simply the character faces. Seriously, that's ridiculous. Y'all got more worried about Chun-Li & Dante's faces in MVCi than the stupid entire game which became a major flop. Onimusha 2 featured a not good looking main character in Jubei, but I liked that game & the character way more than any Onimusha featuring Samanosuke. I find that girl with the glasses in DMC5 ugly, but doesn't mean anything if the game ends up being good, y'all need to check where your priorities lies man, smh.

rainslacker150d ago

They look better than the originals.

Plus, it's not like the original had stellar game play. It was pretty clunky.

SuperSonic91141d ago

They are westernizingvcrap again

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chrisx153d ago

didn't look as weird as the thumbnail during the trailer, especially claire

PhoenixUp153d ago

I don’t like what this engine has done to Nero’s face. I barely saw how Dante looked but I’m guessing he ain’t walking away from the makeover unscathed cuz Chris Redfield sure didn’t

TheGamez100153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Yea...please redo them. My girl Claire needs to look how she originally did but in hd of course. Arent they both around 18-20? They look too old.

GamesMaster1982153d ago

Well whatever, but Capcom just destoyed E3 2018 with RE 2 and DMC5. The excellent old Capcom seems to be back.

Movefasta1993152d ago

It started with monster Hunter and hopefully they see the hype shadowdies,nioh and ghostoft are gaining and release onimusha

GamesMaster1982152d ago

Hell yes would love another Onimusha also. I have a good feeling that the way things are going with them now, they might just surprise us sooner or later.

tucky152d ago

An onimusha with ugly faces ... like capcom has the secret

trooper_152d ago

We just need Onimusha now!

KwietStorm152d ago

I wonder if they can even find their place now with Nioh, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima... I wouldn't even mind a HD collection of the original trilogy, but they're gonna have to come with their A game to differentiate themselves from this resurgence of Japanese and Samurai games.

firelogic152d ago


They really only need to differentiate themselves from NiOh and Sekiro because Ghost of Tsushima is grounded in reality without any fantastical elements. Onimusha falls more in line with the first two I mentioned and even those games are going more for a brutal "souls-like" experience. Onimusha can just be the action game it turned into vs the horror game it started out as.

Sirk7x151d ago

That's what I was saying! Monster Hunter, Megaman, Resident Evil, DMC, Capcom is on fire lately, and seems to be giving fans great experiences and turning back on making action movie games. I love it.

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