10 video game remakes that need to happen right now

Nostalgia sells, and many people would get behind these games making a comeback with improved controls, new art styles, better voice acting, and more.

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KyRo20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I'm actually gutted they started the remakes with MGS3 but I'm in the minority that places it last out of the first four games. MGSV doesn't exist to me. Absolute car crash of a MGS game that was.

Cacabunga20d ago

Final Fantasy 8
Parasite Eve
Dino Crisis

30yearoldwhitey20d ago

MGSV was better than most other games of its generation on PS4, and it still had the Kojima effect that we love MGS for

Redinfamy20d ago

Jak and Daxter, Kid Icarus, Alien Storm

isarai20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Ape Escape series

purple10120d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Astro bot gives me ape escape vibes, I reckon there is someone in that team that worked on ape escape, being the Japanese team an’all

-Foxtrot20d ago

I can't believe Banjo-Kazooie has never got one, especially with the great designs found in Smash Bros.

I feel like it's a release MS could benefit from with Nintendo consoles aswell.

gold_drake20d ago

is it really that surprising?

but yeh, i thought the same thing when i re-played them again just a couple of months ago.

Profchaos20d ago

Agree given the second thing rare did for ms was remake conquer or the first thing if you consider grabbed by the goulies started life as a GameCube game (I read somewhere it may have also been targeting N64 originally but doesn't sound realistic)

gold_drake20d ago

give me a Koudelka, shadow hearts remake. especially Koudelka.

and maybe Haunting Groumd. that game was overlooked asf