Here is Uncharted running on RPCS3 with almost perfect visuals

YouTube’s ‘reznoire’ has shared a new video, showing the first Uncharted game running on the best PS3 emulator, RPCS3.

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Einhander1971246d ago

Runs better on my PS3 and PS4 :)

DarkVoyager246d ago

“Here is Uncharted running on RPCS3 with almost perfect visuals“

All while running at a smooth 10fps.

ImGumbyDammit245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Still looks as good as it does on PSNow (even with the fps issues it has now). If the developers keep up with the big gains RPCS3 has made recently it may not be long before it can outdo that scam service PSNow and maybe it will run as well as PS3 soon as well. Definitely, a better option than the $9.99/month downgrade service Sony provides now.

Personally, I have no interest in replacing my PS3 that died a few years ago. I also much rather use an option that does not cost me a monthly service charge to play games I own that are currently just sitting in a drawer Even if that streaming pay to play service was actually any good and allowed me to play for free my already owned games the current PSNow catalog still does not support a long list of games I do own and I have seen the service remove others games I own from the catalog over time. If Sony releases a PS5 that somehow can provide PS3 emulation, great I am all in. But, until that day (if ever) I am rooting for this program as the best option to allow me to preserve my collection and if I feel the need to it will allow me to play my older games I already paid for.

narsaku246d ago

You're so ignorant you completely miss the point as to why people make emulators.

GamesMaster1982245d ago

Yeah to rob the fuck out of the devs. You can say what you want but 9 out of 10 people who use emulaters are stealing games fact !.

n1kki6245d ago

@gamesmastee1982 to fuck devs out of money for games that are not sold or published any more. Please explain? Im sure as hell elmulation exists so i dont need to spend say $250 for a copy of earthbound on snes. The emulatir development needs to happen at some point. Its going to be even more beneficial for optical sytems that start to die.

getbacktogaming245d ago

I have a Wii at home with the original Mario Galaxy... I would be very happy to buy a Switch port from Nintendo but until that happens I would rather play the game in 4K (instead of native 480i). If you have never seen the work that's been done by fans on the HD textures, wow a true work of love for Nintendo games!!

Cmv38245d ago

Why not just buy a PlayStation or ps4?

Clunkyd245d ago

Think next time before typing. LMAO

DarXyde245d ago

For rare games, sure, why not. But for acclaimed games like Uncharted that you can easily find and that you can also play on PS4? No, I don't think that's okay. Let's not pretend there are benign intentions here. Dreamcast had a huge piracy problem where people bought the hardware and burned the games WHILE it was still active and receiving games.

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ProjectVulcan245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Lol I think that you're looking at it with tunnel vision, failing to realise that if an emulator can get to the point where it can run demanding PS3 games well, it'll also reach maturity where it can run the majority of PS3's games very well.

You know, the 95 percent of PS3 games that don't work natively on PS4 and most likely won't with PS5 either? Fancy 4K 60FPS Metal Gear Solid 4? I know I do. It's likely only ever gonna happen this way.

It preserves the legacy of the games without the need for the original hardware cluttering up the place. One machine to rule them all, as PC really is.

So one machine to play PC games, PS3, PS2 and PS1 games, Switch and Gamecube games, Dreamcast, Snes and Megadrive games, defunct arcade boards and ultra rare home consoles etc etc....PC gaming is the greatest platform on the planet for games.

DarXyde244d ago

I think if emulation is not going away, it should be like some of the older Saturn emulators where you need the disc in your PC. I do not support roms, since that's just lost revenue. People need to be careful because they risk really destroying the industry. Games have not increased in price and developers need to do more to secure profits. Ultimately, that may mean less exclusives, greater emphasis on digital only titles, more DLC and microtransactions, etc.

Playing an older game at 60fps and 4K sounds great, but let's not screw developers in the process.

babadivad245d ago

If history shows us, that won't be the case forever.

ginsunuva244d ago

Why is everyone here getting so defensive? Do they feel intimidated by the progress the emulators are making?

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Relientk77246d ago

Why is it running at like negative 5 fps

john2246d ago

Give it time, it's pretty difficult emulating PS3. A couple of months ago it was running with 1-2fps. Now it runs - at least most of the time - with 10-15fps. It's a huge improvement.

GamesMaster1982245d ago

Yeah you right by 2080 it might run at 25fps

Smok91245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I play my games at 60-120 FPS so count me out

sizeofyou245d ago

Not through RPCS3 you don't... 🙃

ProjectVulcan245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

I would bet that most PS3 games will run playable and smooth within 18 months. If the project has momentum and garners interest from more programmers it will get refined and completed.

I so badly want MGS4 in high resolution! That game only ran 1024 x 768 natively on PS3 then stretched and scaled (yes really, google it yourself) with a really shonky ~20FPS frame rate often times. I would be happy with just native 1080p and 50+ FPS. It would be marvellous to behold.

Zelda BOTW emulation went from barely reaching the main menu, struggling and stuttering on uber machines to smooth playability in 1080p on average PC hardware in less than 12 months. Supporting high resolutions and frame rates the Switch could only dream of. It was a focused effort, but this type of thing is a continual refinement.

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nowitzki2004245d ago

Its a very small group, and I think only 1 person does majority. Might just be in their spare time as well.

Vegamyster245d ago

The cell processor, PS4 emulation will probably be perfected long before PS3 is lol.

TRU3_GAM3R246d ago

They will fix everything in the end and the game will run at 60fps same with other exclusives

IamTylerDurden1246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

But Drake's Fortune via The Nathan Drake Collection already runs at 60fps on my PS4. It has reworked visuals and controls along with a photomode. Blue Point nailed the remaster, it will undoubtedly be the best version for quite a while.

Icarusfall245d ago

And it cost just 7.99 for 3 games. Ouch, PC master race dont have PS4. Sad life indeed.

nowitzki2004245d ago

@Icarusfall Cant buy PS4 if you buy PC or something? Whole lot of benefits to emulators.. like possibility of mods for games, improving visuals and so much more.

bluefox755245d ago

Yep, maybe by the time PS6 is here, we'll be able to play PS3 games on top end PC CPUs.

MuddyWaters245d ago

Maybe when the PS5 comes out we will be able to play PS1 games on it too.

mkis007244d ago

better off trying with the ps4 remaster...It will be the best version even when the ps3 emulator works properly.

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narsaku246d ago

So much talent in the emulator crowd, can't believe they're getting PS3 finally up and running so well. Can't wait to see some performance passes >:D

245d ago
ILostMyMind245d ago

So, is this the $ 1000 Master Race Experience?

Prince_TFK245d ago

At least they got the emulator to run. I don’t see a PS3 emulator anywhere on the PS4.

Jrios355245d ago


Why would we need a PS3 emulator on PS4 when we can just play the same game on PS3? Plus, it's been a decade since the PS3's release. It's cheaper now, so it's a lot more affordable to just buy one instead of waiting for what could probably be years for PS3 emulators to run games at their intended level.

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