The People Behind Hyrule Warriors Have Two Dream Projects: Mario And Star Wars

If the president of Koei Tecmo had his way, the next couple of Warriors games would be Star Wars and Mario. You can’t fault the man’s taste.

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LevelSmack739d ago

I would love to see a Super Mario Warriors :D

DivineAssault 739d ago

Mowing down waves of enemies with a hammer for melee.. A good fireball shooting mousu attack.. Idk about that.. Id have to see it in action.. Unless mario uses his fists as well. None of the characters use weapons so itd seem weird.. Who knows but Star Wars would totally work

wonderfulmonkeyman738d ago

More likely Mushroom Kingdom Warriors, if it follows Hyrule Warriors' naming schematic.
But yeah, I'd love to see that, too; it would be really interesting to see how they'd incorporate the various Mario-series power-ups into the Warriors gameplay.

ZeekQuattro739d ago

A Mario Warriors game is more likely than a Star Wars one. Disney seems content enough letting EA have exclusive Star Wars rights on consoles.

-Foxtrot738d ago

So basically they'll just end up feeling like the same game with a different skin

wonderfulmonkeyman738d ago (Edited 738d ago )

More than likely, aside from the differences in each version.
I think they could probably do something creative with all of the Mario series power-ups, at least, and I'm sure if they went the Star Wars route then they'd either incorporate space battles somehow [which would feel really weird in a Warriors game but if anyone can pull it off....], or they'd have a way of making different kinds of weapons for characters, or upgrade trees for lightsabers or something.

Either way, it'd be better to have than not to have, so I hope they get a chance at one of them, at least.

thatguyhayat738d ago

I would get on board with star wars. That sounds pretty cool.

Prince_TFK738d ago

At first glance I thought they want to mix the Mario and Star War’s universe into one game. That would have been awesome lol.