Beyond Good and Evil 2 Timeline Revealed with Beautiful Images and Lots of Info; More Coming at E3

Ubisoft reveals the timeline of Beyond Good and Evil 2, which will be set after the birth of Jade, but before the first game.

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-Gespenst-168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

All this game needed to be was a simple sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. This is just a completely different game with the Beyond Good and Evil name slapped on it. Like, taking it on its own merits, it looks good, but we would have had BGE2 a long time ago if they've just exercised a bit of constraint and discipline and made a faithful follow-up to the original game. I understand the desire to make a super-ambitious, enormous game, but why not do that some other time? Why does BGE2 have to be that game? The original BGE is really good despite not being a massive open-world, sandbox, action RPG.

Personally, I think this is just the game that Ancel and co. want to make, and they don't really give a hoot about BGE anymore. However, selling a new series would be harder than just pasting the name Beyond Good and Evil on what they've made and putting animal people in it. It's a bit cynical to think that people will fall for that. I mean, the game looks good anyway - it doesn't need the BGE name for people to be interested in it. And, if you don't give a sh!t about BGE anymore, just come out and say it.

Also, we still probably have like 3 years to wait before they actually finish developing this game. It's just silly really. I mean, just make a sequel to BGE. Is that really so much to ask?

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showtimefolks168d ago


this is new UBI fewer games but every game will be looked as GAAS

quent168d ago

What does the word "gaas" stand for or mean ?, I've only recently started seeing the term being used, I'm an un cultured swine ik

showtimefolks168d ago

games as a service

launch a game like destiny
keep supporting it to keep the played engaged

with UBI they 3 clear examples have been

Ghost recon wildlands
for honor

the reason publishers are pushing for more GAAS type games is because there is so much more money they can make via Mirco Transactions and loot boxes

UBI, EA, MS, Activision are all pushing hard for GAAS

phile spencer the head of MS have said he doesn't truly believe in single players games

CDzNutts168d ago

You make all good points. This game looks like it's slapped up with a lot of what I would enjoy...but the connection to the first game is lost on it.

gangsta_red168d ago

I know people were looking for a direct sequel but I'm willing to give it a chance. Hopefully they can recapture the magic of the first one.

Yi-Long168d ago

The CGI trailer they showed at E3 was amazing, and the character-design and world-building for this game blows me away.

No idea how the game will turn out: great, mediocre, poor. I have no idea, and no way of knowing cause we haven't really seen any gameplay yet.

But the art and vision behind it all, is fantastic.

Nodoze168d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - now with more diversity and inclusion.

TheOttomatic91168d ago

Dang it I just wanted another game with Jade

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