God of War on PS4 Pro Vs Ryse: Son of Rome on PC

an interesting comparative video appeared on the net comparing Sony Santa Monica game with another title that was released years ago, We are talking about Ryse: Son of Rome

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Dragonknight66756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Why compare the PC version and not the Xbox One??? They should have compared the Xbox One X version of Ryse Vs PS4 PRO God of War. Regardless GOW looks amazing on the PS4 and a way better game imo!

Webbyy756d ago

lol 2013 game ryse wins hands down. this has nothing to do with pc. lol

Redlife2g756d ago

I'd tell you to stop trolling and go back to your xbox but then again what would you play?? Lol

Twignberries756d ago

It has nothing to do with pc?

Of course you mean besides the fact the xbone version of Ryse looks like a potato compared to the pc version?

Side note: I used to have Ryse running maxed @ 4k on pc and tbh it definitely is around the same quality visuals as GoW except GoW's art style and attention to detail smashes Ryse out of the park tbh

sprinterboy756d ago

I feel really sorry for people like you. How do you function is today's world. Here have a peanut.

mikeslemonade756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Ryse is much more shorter, linear, and less detailed. So of course in certain ways it's gonna look better.

God of War is still is the better looking overall game. Ryse is too short and more linear.

UltraNova756d ago

In all honesty putting these games in the same sentence is a crime, GoW is about 10 trillion light years ahead of Ryse as a game.

mandingo756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

@Redlife2g. It's weird that you think exclusives are the only games that matter? Believe it or not, there are third party games on xbox. Plenty to play buddy. Oh and they play a hell of a lot better than ur precious ps4. But what do I know ;)

mark_parch756d ago

I really hope we get a ryse 2 the first game was really fun and has huge potential

bluefox755756d ago

Lol, you're joking, right?

Forn755d ago

Ryse fails by comparison, even on PC. Sorry your eyes don't work.

Skull521755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Ryse is still a graphics powerhouse and looks better than God of War. Some of the motion cap in Ryse is just phenomenal too, great animations.

When you take into account also that Ryse is 5 years old it really speaks to how amazing that game looks.

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zaherdab756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

There is no X version... that being said ryse is more comparable to the order than god of war with small corridor like design rather than an open world all connected game ... the order would give it run for its money

bloop755d ago

Agreed. It's a pretty silly comparison. Ryse and the Order are linear games that pushed all resources towards graphics and they're comparing it to GOW, which has an open design, fully animated and interactive characters that are literally bigger than mountains on a scale never seen before. Even at that, GOW looks every bit as good, if not better, on a console worth probably a third of the price of the PC that Ryse is running on here.

darthv72755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

I disagree. Ryse is comparable to GoW more so than The Order. The Order would be comparable to Gears 4. And with that... it really shows how far ahead Crytek was thinking when they designed Ryse. It still holds up well after nearly 5 years and holds its own against GoW. Both are very well designed games graphically.

@bloop, GoW is still a very linear game. It may be more open than previous GoW titles but there are limits to where you can actually go.

bloop755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

@darthv72: It may be linear but it's a lot more open than Ryse, the Order and Gears which are almost corridor like. Plus, you really have to take scale into consideration too. Crytek are masters at pushing tech in visuals and it still holds up very well today, but there's nothing even close to the magnitude of Thamur or the World Serpent for instance in those games, which obviously takes a huge hit on resources, and I think GOW still looks better.

Vectrexer756d ago

If there is an actual Xbox One enhanced version of this game I'm sure they would!
To shame God of War isn't on the Xbox One X then it would shine much brighter than it already does!!

OB1Biker756d ago

If it wasnt exclusive it wouldnt exist. Simple as that.

majiebeast756d ago

Maybe when Microsoft gets the talent like Sony does you would get games like God of War instead of No Man's Sea and State of DLC 2.

756d ago
rainslacker756d ago

I'm sure there is a X1X enhanced game that could make a better comparison. Consider that to find something better, this article went to PC. Why is that? Is it because GOW looks so good and no other game on console game actually can compare...unless it's maybe from Sony's own 1st party, or maybe The Order(2nd party game).

756d ago
Jayszen756d ago


The main reason God of War will never be on any Xbox is because it is a game made by one of Sony's many excellent studios exclusively for the Playstation PS4.

Other reasons why this game and many others like it can never be on Xbox:

- Microsoft cannot be bothered to invest in New IPs. Microsoft has had many opportunities to do so but, in fact, keeps closing, combining or misdirecting studios it has bought to the detriment of the Xbox.

- Even when independent studios try to make a game exclusively for MIcrosoft, a la Scalebound, interference and a demand to change games to a 'Games as a Service' model or to incorporate multiplayer or co-op where these are unsuitable has resulted in delays and then cancellation of several games.

- It is unlikely any of Microsofts studios has the bank of talent needed to make a game such as God of War anymore. Microsoft bought some excellent studios and then, as I stated above, closes, combined or misdirected them which resulted in really talented personnel leaving. I mean who wants to work for a company that will not allow studios to do what they are good at. Look at Rare - a shadow of its former self.

Yes, Microsoft made "the most powerful console in the world" on the third try and only four years after the Xbox One. It is an upgrade in name only. Unlike the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X is a new console altogether for marketing reasons. No doubt, had Playstation done the same, the console would be as good as if not better. With Xbox fanboys, it is never about comparing on a level playing field. Anything to desperately try and make Xbox shine even when there is no substance.

Rude-ro755d ago

Two upgraded consoles and $500 for two years of a gen running XBOX ONE games is not worth it.
That is your issue. You would have to dumb down gow to run on Xbox one, then upgrade that version with resolution...
No thank you

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Mystogan756d ago

Xbox One X would still win since it could do Ultra at 30fps.

conanlifts756d ago

I guess the problem is that ryse has not recieved a patch or update for the X.

xXxSeTTriPxXx756d ago

Gow looks way better the skin textures the environment textures the animation hands down for gow.

Did n4g go blind?

756d ago
Obscure_Observer756d ago


"Why compare the PC version and not the Xbox One??? They should have compared the Xbox One X version of Ryse Vs PS4 PRO God of War."

Maybe because Xbox One X hasn´t received an enhanced patch for Ryse yet?

blackblades756d ago

Shouldn't compared it to begin with.

AAWELLS09756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

I think the reason they didnt use the Xbox version is because it doesn't have a X enhanced update but PC is close enough. But I still don't think its a very good comparison. I know it's not meant to be a one for one.

IamTylerDurden1755d ago

God of War is the best looking game ever.

TheEroica755d ago

Because Sony made a playstation pro to try and compete with pc specs. It didn't really work Btw.

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AspiringProGenji756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

God of war looks better but that’s obviously because it is the newer game. Ryse on PC is not too far behind. It is still holding up

S2Killinit756d ago

Not so obvious when you factor in that God of War is more open while Ryse is corridor. Not to mention they are comparing maxed out PC to God of War, and yet God of War’s details are above and beyond Ryse.

RacerX756d ago

Isn't Ryse like 4-5 years old? This should never even be a comparison.

S2Killinit756d ago

So what are you trying to imply, that God of War is bad? Or Ryse is good? And yeah it really isnt a comparison because Ryse gets blown out of the water no matter how much you increase the resolution.

MWH756d ago

Damn kid! GoW is a great game and no true gamer with a common sense can argue otherwise, so calm down because your fanboyism is poison.

SniperLyfe61618756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

i'd say they are pretty close

PrinceOfAnger756d ago

"And yet God of War’s details are above and beyond Ryse"

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TheSplooge756d ago

To be honest, if Ryse was released the same day as GoW, it would crap all over GoW in the visual department. Gameplay... Not so much. Got bored of the repetitive combat real quick.

IamTylerDurden1755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

God of War on Pro looks better than Ryse on a super PC max settings. The character models aren't even close, that is the most dramatic difference. Compare the faces and the skin, GoW is vastly superior. Also, the overall detail and the art style blow Ryse away. Ryse on PC is very clean, but even on dramatically weaker hardware you can see the visual superiority of God of War. More layers, detail, and artistic quality.

TheSplooge755d ago

Well i would certainly hope a game from 2018 looks better than something from 2013. If Ryse 2 came out today, GoW wouldnt even stand a chance visually. I'm not saying GoW looks bad by any means. The graphics and art direction are great, but the Cryengine, if utilized correctly, is pretty damn hard to compete with. Crysis still looks better than a lot of shooters these days. Even more so when the game is heavily modded.

PrinceOfAnger756d ago

2018 vs 2013 D:
Ryse still look impressive

Babadook7756d ago

Well the PC version didn't come till late 2014

gaxofa755d ago

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r2oB756d ago

$400 console vs $1000 PC, probably more (at the time Ryse came out to run it in these settings). Which speaks to the benefits of having an optimized platform and talented developers.

neoandrew756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

not really, stop comparing totally different things
console only for games vs pc for everything including games (at 60 fps if u desire with ultra wide, there is your cost) a pc for 30 fps gaming is a lot cheaper, but... it doesn't matter really as i noted, pc is for everything, thus the price, console is only for games
not to mention u dont even need a dedicated gpu on pc, there are plenty of non gaming pc out there and the only thing that will make them run latest games is buying a gpu, so u really should just compare the gpu price
ppl already buying a minimum i3/i5 cpu (4, 6 cores high IPC), 8gb+ ram, without gpu, not even for gaming, just everything else, work, office, entertainment, and then guess what, they then buy a 400 USD gpu and voalá they have a gaming rig, even i3 give u 60 fps
the price is really the same

Shineon756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

A pc is suppose to cost more then a console because it is more than what a console is, So in theory if a console was priced the same as the pc then that console should be blowing that pc out of the water by being a box with a sole purpose for gaming and not to many other task

Rimfro755d ago

Show me God of War running on a 1080ti on ultra settings. That would be the only comparison that would matter. It would make the PS4 Pro version look like a switch title. Native 4K, 60FPS, gsync, Nvidia Hairworks, and all of the AA, AF, and tesselation your heart could desire. I’d actually pay ridiculously good money for that. The game looks so good on the ps4 pro in resolution priority mode, but after playing it in frame priority mode, it’s hard to go back to 30fps. But the graphics aren’t nearly as sharp. It’s got me so torn. Haha

Rimfro755d ago


If you pair a $400 gpu with an i3, you won’t be getting 60fps in hardly anything because it will almost assuredly bottleneck an i3. Sudden, dramatic, frame-drops, as well as random stuttering would be an issue. You have to go at least i5 to avoid that. Unless you are playing some hardcore indie, unity engine games. Haha.

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Heelix756d ago

GOW is more artistic looking with the colours.

Ryse targets realistic look.

Deep-throat756d ago

Yeah, Ryse looks way realistic. But it's not fair to compare both: GOW is far bigger and longer.

RacerX756d ago

Yeah, not fair to compare... GoW is 5 years newer.

Kryptix756d ago

Sounds like the perfect game for you, Deep-throat.

Prince_TFK756d ago

I know you like something that is bigger and longer man.

DigitalRaptor756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

PS4 Pro holds up remarkably well compared to PC Ultra.

Ryse character models still look excellent, but where God of War hands down beats it is the environments. They are breathtaking.

Kratos has a more convincing idle look compared to Marius' dead stare. And where the differences truly lie, is that not only is God of War a far greater game and greater accomplishment, but it's the little details that the studio puts into their game, like the way in which Kratos' condensed breath vapor is visible in the outside cold like it would be in real life (you can see this at the 6:32 mark in the video). No to mention the phenomenal particle effects system in God of War. I'm not sure if Ryse has anything that can compare to that.

SuperSaiyanGod41756d ago (Edited 756d ago )

Can u imagine the world that Sony first party studios could create if they had used a maxed out PC specs? It's crazy to think how talented, naughty dog, santa Monica, and guerilla games are when it comes to graphics especially with what they have to work with.

MrVux000756d ago

They always maxed out "PC" (console) specs at the time. Just like they will max out those same specs with their next generational games (f.e. TLOU Part II, that allready looks better than UC:Lost Legacy which was an improvement on Uncharted 4).

Remember, consoles are not and never were as dependable of the Hardware power as the PC was.

Also wise words from ND developer:
"Any developer who gives you a “percent of system used” answer is blowing smoke. The truth is that every developer uses 100% of the systems power on every game. Some just get more out of that 100% than others. And game after game, we ALL get more out of systems than we did on the previous title.

Think of it this way. If the system is a glass, some developers pour in rocks till the glass overflows and then call it quits. They would claim that they use 100% of the systems space. And it is true that no more rocks fit. Some will even put in a rock too many and the game plays slow or runs funny. But there is still some space left for smarter developers. They pour pebbles into the cracks left by the rocks, and they get more into the glass. Then they call it 100% full. But some Developers will then pour in sand, to fill the cracks between the pebbles. They get even more out of the system, yet it is still just 100% full. Some developers go the extra distance, and they pour in water. Then the glass is truly full, right? Sure, but just for this title, because some of the rocks can be replaced with pebbles that do the same thing, if you work hard at it. And some of the pebbles can be made into sand. And some sand can be pressed to water. No developer ever gets a glass filled with only water, no developer has that much time, so no developer truly fills the glass

We just get more and more out of the 100%.”

So in the end it is not a matter of how much system power you have used, but how efficiently you use it (that’s what she said…). Hardware is not getting better on the PS3/360/Wii, but knowing how to write code to more optimally use the set hardware resources is improving constantly. That being said, when you hear people claiming “Killzone 3 uses 100% of the PS3’s power” or “No other engine could handle Crysis 2”, stop, take a deep breath, and don’t believe the hype. Resist the marketing jargon. Maybe the hype machine is right, maybe their title is using “100% of the system,” but remember that this is an empty statement and coding can always be improved. Judge the game/graphics for yourself when the game is ACTUALLY RELEASED."