Closeup Of Clean Shaven Kratos From God Of War PS4 Will Give You A Nightmare

Kratos is the main protagonist of God of War and his appearance is completely revamped in God of War PS4.

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FallenAngel19842223d ago

That’s nothing too shocking

You know what is though? Mario & Luigi without their mustache

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Orionsangel2222d ago

In 25 years Kratos gonna look like Calibos from Clash of the Titans. https://bit.ly/2HwdLB7

submarinna2221d ago

the real clash of the Titans movie...not that rubbish reboot with the Australian guy

MrBrofist2221d ago

That's nothing. Imagine DK without a tie

AspiringProGenji2223d ago

I was wondering how he would like without the beard. Looks like the old kratos but older

XbladeTeddy2222d ago

It's because Kratos without a beard looks like Kratos without a beard.

Bathyj2222d ago

Truer words were never said.

Kavorklestein2221d ago

LoL Confucious Say!
Drake without teeth is FAR more shocking.

Relientk772223d ago

The beard really fits him for the Norse mythology.

Rimeskeem2222d ago

Considering the temperature within most of the game it only makes sense he would grow a massive beard.

deafdani2222d ago

Yet he still goes around practically naked... XD

PowerOfTheCloud2221d ago

There is enough heat trapped underneath his beard to prevent him from feeling cold. Actually this works a little too well and he wished the temperature was alot lower.

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Fist4achin2221d ago

If he makes it over to East Asia, will he support a fu manchu?

masterfox2223d ago

"Iconic beard?", lol this is the perfect example how some journalist knows nothing about Kratos game history XD
Kratos character most of the time didn't have a beard, just a small beard cut.


Kratos will hunt your dreams not because his un beard face but because you know nothing about his history :D

Shiken2222d ago

I know right? Seeing this makes me want a skin option for GoW 4 to remove the beard. I think he looks badass both ways.

gamerpop2222d ago

lol, I think you're being petty. The author is clearly referring to Kratos' goatee beard, which is still a beard. So stfu jumping on journalists because it's trendy to do so.

KwietStorm_BLM2221d ago

Why did you shit on the guy and then support his statement with evidence at the same time?

PaleMoonDeath2223d ago

He looks like a slightly older Kratos? if anything more youthful without, damn clickbait.

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