God Of War 1.14 Update Includes Various Improvements And Fixes

Another God Of War update, update 1.14, has been released today in all regions, introducing more improvements and fixes to the game

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affrogamer227d ago

The game is incredible. We really need to petition for a game plus patch.

isa_scout227d ago

Agreed. Honestly, I absolutely loved fighting the Valkyrie, but whats the point in earning their armor? They're the hardest fights in the game, and they don't unlock until you've completed the main journey. Being able to carry that armor over to a subsequent playthrough would give added insensitive to a lot of players. I'm hopeful though. Remember, Horizon Zero Dawn had new game plus patched in later.

affrogamer227d ago

@isa_scout the game plus mode is going to be patched trust me on that.

jlove4life227d ago

Isnt that god of war mode

Relientk77228d ago

Cool haven't experienced any bugs, but glad they're fixing them for everyone.

ILostMyMind227d ago

I killed a stone giant and the icon to continue the stage did not appear. I got stuck and had to restart the game. Once, nothing more.

nix227d ago

once, one of the larger monster got stuck in one place. i was thankful for that bug. lol.

chrono1205227d ago

I get this alot. Sometimes leaving and activating something else will fix it.

walruskiller227d ago

At the beginning when you first fight the stranger, I didn't get a cutscene and just saw him standing outside and I couldn't fight him. That was my only problem in the whole game. God of war is literally the best game I've ever played

brisdevil227d ago

I actually think I got 1.15 earlier today.

LightofDarkness227d ago (Edited 227d ago )

Grabs with R3 have been weirdly unreliable for me. I'd say 5% of them simply don't happen, and I don't mean they don't work first time, I can press R3 over and over next to the prompt but the animation never engages. A strange error indeed.

There seems to be some shakiness surrounding some context sensitive prompts in general. They can be fairly unresponsive and slow to confirm.

Jayszen227d ago

Making a great game even better. What service!

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The story is too old to be commented.