God of War's First Proper Boss Fight is What I Hate About Action Games

Rich at GameSpew: God of War is an amazing game, no doubt. But its first proper boss fight exhibits the same flaws that many other action games fall victim to.

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AspiringProGenji2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

“ The first fight with The Stranger crosses that line. Goading you into combat, fists are thrown. Eventually it gets to the point where The Stranger and Kratos are punching each other into the air and over a small house. Honestly, it's like watching a Dragon Ball fight, and it irks me.“

Lol you think the “action” in the name is there just for looks? Either this guy gates anime of he is just cueless. The action in that fight is why it is awesome

“They're Gods, I get it.”

Looks you don’t...!

“...But it's overblown and unnecessary. It makes a mockery of the game's consistency, too. If I can punch a God over a building, why do I need to use a fancy axe to beat normal enemies? If I can grab a log and swing it in a story scene, why can't I do it in-game? It's one of those stupid things in video games, that's why.“

Oh well looks like he just started gaming yesterday. Sonce when not being able to do the same stunts in setpieces is inconsistency? And You can punch enemies in the game too.

morganfell2224d ago

The perceptions...errr...no, that isn't correct because it carries the connotation one can perceive and clearly the person at games pew cannot. It is hilarious as you point out since they hang themselves with their own remarks. The articles written at games pew possess some of the most laughable conclusions and are the reason they have an honored place in my hostfile block.

mikeslemonade2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I don’t like action movies either but what god of war has done thus far in my playthrough I respect it. And if you don’t like it then that’s just a personal problem that you need to fix.

Obelisk922224d ago

OMG It's one of the worst articles I've ever read. No joke.
Makes no sense whatsoever, and gets so many things wrong. Total disinformation.

One must play the whole game before even starting to talk about it with a judging tone.

VenomUK2224d ago

The fight with the Stranger took me by surprise - it was amazing! So dynamic and through different environments, like a superhero battle. I honestly don't know why somebody would complain about a superior boss battle - and so close to the start of the game.

bouzebbal2224d ago

I laughed like a retard when he attacked kratos the first time. Kratos amswer was epic as ****.
...but then the fight started, and i stopped laughing!

morganfell2224d ago


Look at the history of games pew on N4G. Not exactly stellar journalism. In fact it doesn't rise to the level of journalism at all. It is merely one person using a public platform to tell you what they do and do not like. As if that matters.

N4G should not allow what amounts to a verbal pinterest to masquerade as a valid submission. Valuable opinion pieces, and this certainly is not one, offer insight that actually allows the reader to comprehend the point of view of the writer, even if you do not agree and are not swayed. This is simply a rant.

CaptainOmega2224d ago

It’s as if the writer has never heard of supsension of disbelief..

GamingIVfun2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

This article is stupid click bait and the person who wrote is probably too cynical to enjoy anything but complaining about things that are beyond obvious. Since when does realism have anything to do with the majority of video games. The first boss battle is an awesome experience.

Also there are enemies that are easier to kill using your fist throughout the game, enemies with shields in front of them are one of them. If you very your hits you can take out enemies quicker also.

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Rimeskeem2224d ago

The reason you punch the god and do everything over blown is BECAUSE THEY ARE A GOD! You think you can just axe a god the same way with normal enemies? Hell no

UltraNova2224d ago

Its funny cause when I was fighting The Stranger I loved it even more because it actually reminded me of a Dragon Ball fight! Ha!

Andy_Dee2223d ago

Actually you can xD keep playing the game.

81BX2224d ago

That fight is a classic game moment but overall the fighting seems too paced. I'm used to constant slashing and I know this is a new direction for GOW. I would like more slashing though lol

PhantomS422224d ago

Spoilers ahead: It reminding me of a Dragonball fight makes that first fight even more epic. These are gods (or when you start the game one god and one guy with crazy powers). I don't expect them to be slapping each other like two idiots in a bar fight I expect over the top action. It also sets up that this is still the Kratos you knew from the original trilogy, just because he's older doesn't mean he can't hold his own now.

360ICE2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

It does feel weird that you could punch someone over a house, but need Atreus to extend a chain whenever you want to scale a ledge.

Other GoW games actually gave you a huge range of movement during gameplay, so it was less apparent there.

Stop being so defensive. Some of these are reasonable criticisms. And it's still an amazing game.

AspiringProGenji2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Complaining about not being able to do the same stunts in gameplay that are seen in setpieces is not reasonable at all. And besides the old games were even more exaggerated when it came to this, many stuff which you couldn’t do in gameplay especially punching enemies (up until Ascencion).

“Other GoW games actually gave you a huge range of movement during gameplay, so it was less apparent there.”

Define huge range? Because even if you had the wings your jumps were limited to gliding and not taking off to jump any obstacle, which you can see Kratos do sometimes im cutscenes. There are some things that you can’t just implement in gameplay that you see in cutscenes or else there’s no balance in the game. If you haven’t realised this already in tipically every game up until now then I don’t know what to tell you

Complaining about too much action in an “action” game is not reasonable either. Is complaining about too much punches in fighting games reasonable too?

Teflon022224d ago

You do realize that kratos learns to control himself in this meaning he doesn't do extremely unless necessary. Kinda stated right before the fight where he says anger can be a weapon if you can control it. Kratos unleashed his wrath. Kinda obviously how it should go

bluefox7552224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I'm not into anime or dragon ball, but that fight was awesome, so epic. Can't stand when people cry about "video game logic".

StormSnooper2224d ago

Clickbait. That was the greatest fight I’ve ever played in a video game, this guy is mental.

Ceaser98573612224d ago

Man! such nitpicking Someone tell him its a frigging video game Did he think everything in GOD OF WAR is REAL??

CaptainOmega2224d ago

It’s as if the person has never played video games before. lol

rainslacker2224d ago

Lol. Games consistency. Guess he never played a gow game. Every boss fight is an over the top set peice action sequence. It's a trademark of the series.

zaherdab2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

i feel like we're at the point where we want to be critical to be critical when a game is too good ... graphics are good ... gameplay is good and story is good and nothing left to pick on ... let me find a detail and write an expose about it ..

1... it's not an issue that just plagues game look at IRobot ... killing one robot at the beginning to the movie is close to impossible by the end of the movie they are shooting them down like they are hordes of zombies.
2. in the game he only punches him coz he enters a rage mode when he is scared for his son ... if you watched the comic included with the game kratos' biggest challenge is keeping his rage in check
3. when you're in rage mode within the game you can do all kinda cool hand punching shit
4. enjoy the game and stop nit picking

Christopher2223d ago

I liked it. It was a great way to introduce and enforce the importance of counter blocks. And it ensured the audience that Kratos was still a god, but he wasn't the only one of his type left. It also set up for some nice combo maneuvers if you were getting used to it.

Posted this to chat the other night and was impressed with my combo during the fight: throw axe which is dodged as expected, counter, light punch, light punch, recall axe hitting on way back, heavy attack, light attack, throw axe and actually hit. It was a very satisfying combo.

I have my problems with God of War as I do with every game, but the boss battle wasn't something to complain about for me.

thejigisup2223d ago

A goku skin would be great dlc