EDGE #319 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include God of Wars, Sea of Thieves, Detective Pikachu, and more.

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affrogamer2228d ago

LMAO but ARMS got a score of 9 tho smh. If it ain't Nintendo it can't get a fair score from Edge it seems, SAD!

michellelynn09762228d ago

Edge gave Horizon a 9. They gave Xeno a 7. Yep, Nintendo bias. 😒

leoms2228d ago

why are you here defending if there is no bias?

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Old McGroin2228d ago


"why are you here defending if there is no bias?"

Possibly because someone said there is a bias?

The Wood2228d ago

People honestly believe these games being 1 point apart isn't a little bit odd. There's form and there's anomalies. . .I look at form over anomalies. .

Sm00thNinja2227d ago

Xeno is a 7 and I loved it

Gazondaily2227d ago

The reaction here to a score of 8 is pathetic. It truly is. Don't expect a proper answer to the point regarding their score for horizon or Xeno

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Deep-throat2228d ago

Edge cares about innovative gameplay experiences.

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Dark_Knightmare22227d ago

Could thing gow with its axe throw mechanic is innovative and will have other developers looking to ape that feature in years to come

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EddieNX 2228d ago

They like to be overly harsh to get attention sometimes I think

Bathyj2228d ago

The Simon Cowell of game critics

Christopher2227d ago

This is how I've always thought of EDGE. They have things they love and will always rate well (like Simon and dogs), but overall they are critics who love being critical.

Bathyj2227d ago

It's a statistical fact, they usually rate PlayStation exclusives below the Metacritic average.

But I'm not one of these guys that claims there's a biased. I just just think they're fun hating, pretentious jerks.

AKS2228d ago

I think they've been doing this for quite some time. Gunstar Heroes was widely considered to be among the best games of its generation. EDGE: 6/10 with very flimsy justification within the text. I got the impression very early on they were a bit shady, but many interpret EDGE's harsh scoring as being prestigious and superior to other reviews. I'm not buying that nonsense at all given how fickle their rationale tends to be and how wildly inconsistent some of their scores are.

EddieNX 2228d ago

Exactly. Just makes you want to click on it and find out why they don't think highly of a game almost everyone else does...

Gunstar752227d ago

Gunstar Heroes is one of my fav ever games

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