Insomniac Games confirms that Spider-Man will never be on Xbox One (via Twitter)

When asked how long it will be until Spider-Man releases on Xbox One, Insomniac Games answered, "Never"

DarkVoyager2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Get a PS4. Problem solved. No one should miss this game.

JaguarEvolved2293d ago

I wish this game was on pc but it isn't so my ps4 is needed to play Spider-Man, God of war 4 and a lot of PlayStation exclusive games. PlayStation domination across the nation

uptownsoul2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Insomniac also confirmed it here too...

When asked if Spider-Man would go to Xbox or PC after 1 year, they said, "No. It is a permanent exclusive and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment." (source: https://twitter.com/insomni... )

DARK_WOLF2293d ago

Not surprising givin the connection sony has with spiderman.

Id buy a ps4 just for this game letalone the rest of the great exclusives u can get.

tehpees32293d ago

Your comment reads like a PR person trying to boast or advertise the system.

mikeslemonade2293d ago

The gaming industry needs more exclusives. Multi platform makes for bad games.

PressXtoBacon2293d ago

I wish everything was on PC.

Except Nuts & Bolts

Consoles can keep that crap.

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darthv722293d ago

Love me a good spiderman game and this will not disappoint me.

_-EDMIX-_2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

@ Michelle- man they seriously just need to ban your accounts, I have no clue why every damn article you happen to to jump in looking to argue about something.


Xenophon_York2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )


Sony doesn't need a "PR person" for the PlayStation 4. Dozens of millions of exceptionally happy gamers do just fine at that job.

When something is leaps and bounds above the normal expectation for a product, that product will be generously praised. 🕶️-->😎

2292d ago
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fhizikz2293d ago

I'm getting ps4 when this game comes out ..I just hope it comes with a sweet spiderman edition ps4/pro

PowerOfTheCloud2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I'd say mission accomplished, sony!^^

Eonjay2293d ago

Yeah a friend of mine is doing the same thin but I think he will be getting a standard PS4. Everyone wants to play this game. its has a much broad appeal as most super hero movies.

djsilke452292d ago

why are there dislikes on this lmao

Ceaser98573612293d ago

Isn't this a known fact from day one.. Sony and Marvel has a deal because of Spiderman Movies and Avengers and Sony could choose any characters from Marvel to make a Video game and Sony approached Insomniac and they picked up Spiderman...

WilliamSheridan2293d ago

I'm not sure why this is news, or why anyone could have thought any different

princejb1342293d ago

im not so sure about the "sony could choose any characters from marvel to make a video game".
Sony bought the rights to spiderman a long time ago thats why all the movies were produced by sony. Until avengers came along and spiderman homecoming is when sony outsourced spiderman for a price.

Ceaser98573612293d ago

Yes prince here you go. Sony asked Insomniac to choose any Marvel character and the picked up Spiderman


jaymacx2293d ago

I hope Insomniac makes more games based on Marvel. I’d rather them be exclusive to Sony than be made by someone who won’t treat them right and be multi-platform. From the latest trailer the game looks great.

Sevir2293d ago

That's not exactly how it happened..

Marvel Interactive, required the license of their IPs from publishers, the Spiderman game ip license expired with Activision and Marvel didn't want the IP being governed soley by one party, so they took it back..

At that time Insomniac was in talks with Marvel to do a Spider-Man game that was original and not tied to the movie universe, and they said Sony would be the perfect partner due to their relationship and release portfolio with them.

After some negociatio on, Shu, Ted Price and the Head of Marvel interactive struck a deal to create the game exclusively on PS platforms and Insomniac as the Developer for 10 years...

Similarly, the new Avengers game between Square, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel interactive was born out of this kind of IP leasing.
As well as Capcom and Marvel.

And the New Telltale GotGalaxy game.

Marvel now owns their Game IPs and serves as executive producers on the various projects theyve loaned out. It's the same approached they've done for their cinematic universe that their Interactive Development has adopted. Because let's face it... Beenox and Activition has butchered Every Spiderman after Spiderman 2...

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cell9892292d ago

Dude I hope they release a Spider-Man PS4 console version . I’d buy it in an instant

2292d ago
Ceaser98573612292d ago

I dont think Marvel would want Spiderman game to stay exclusive and only because of the Movie deals this could be possible.. This is an old news And its all over Google.

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jznrpg2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

There are so many games worth buying PS for if you don’t have one it doesn’t make much sense to me unless you only plays CoD and such and your friends buy the same box for that but still doesn’t make much sense to me because you could do that on PS and get all of the great exclusives and they will keep coming all generation long guaranteed