Why People Are So Attached to Their Mains: A Tekken 7 Analysis

Here is an analysis of a statement by Harada, the state of the Tekken series, and why some characters mean more to us than the uninitiated might think.

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jeremyj29131174d ago

Was a long time Tekken fan, since 2, and have always enjoyed the series for its martial arts portrayal. When Tekken 5 added online I was able to see how other ppl played and the characters they used. I always liked and used Bruce but learned a lot more about how to use him from others. Lei was another character I alwayd like but his complexity was hard to get by. I found a couple of friends that taught me how to use him and told me about Tekken Zaibatsu. By the time I became competent with him, using simpler characters felt boring. With both of them being cut from the new game, I have not seen any reason to pick it up. First Tekken I've skipped since Tekken 2. Guess I'll just wait for the next Tag game to release so I can scratch that itch.

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txboy051174d ago

Tekken Tag was pure trash. Tekken 7 is awesome and more balanced than any Tekken.

ion6661172d ago

Cause people took time to perfect the characters style with every iteration. Take out any character that's been in your favorite fighting game that's been there for 6 games and you tend to get attached.