Please Stop Making Console RTS Games

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "I often try to contain my emotions when discussing something that I’m passionate about and will offer up some points and counterpoints that are fair and well-reasoned. Well not this time. I absolutely despise it when a perfectly serviceable RTS (real-time strategy) game makes its way over to the console gaming scene because it never, ever works. It’s a gameplay style that is basically the antithesis of console gaming, from both a stylistic approach and a technical level. So this is my plea – stop making console RTS games!"

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bigmalky1143d ago

Why? I'm a huge fan of RTS and that's since games like Warcraft and Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat on PS1.

Tropico 5 actually played great on PS4, which I wasn't expecting. There's room for all genres if done right on any system.

I will admit, keyboard and mouse is much better, but why limit gamers that choose to play on console and might find some new found enjoyment in a different genre?

madforaday1143d ago

PC developers could always do what Valve did with CS:GO. Valve made CS: GO for consoles as well but totally ignored it when it comes to updates and content. It was valve saying hey, if you like this you need to go to PC to update it.

Pantz1143d ago

I prefer them on console

Cobra9511143d ago

Who are you to demand limits on what console users get to play?

chris2351143d ago

oh boy. another skilless dude who needs mouse and keyboard to be any good at a game? how pathetic. i thought by 2018 everyone knew already that it‘s the brain that makes a person, not the tools. personally, i am completely fine with rts games on console. judging by my trophy list i‘m better than most. so please stop the whining and stop posting BS blog posts.

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The story is too old to be commented.