5 Games That Could Have Benefited From a Day One Game Pass Release

Omar Banat: Xbox Game Pass is one of the most ingenious services that Microsoft has come up with, but for these five games, it didn't come soon enough.

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RazzerRedux739d ago

Game Pass certainly could have helped Sunset Overdrive which was underrated, imo.

"But the focus of the day is Remedy’s 2016 critically acclaimed Xbox exclusive, Quantum Break, and how Game Pass could have given it a much-needed bump."

Quantum Break received overall good reviews. Not great, but good. Critically acclaimed? Sorry, no. That's hyperbole.

"And fast-forwarding a few years, we saw what a boon Game Pass was for Gears 5. Not only did Game Pass help get the game into the hands of more Xbox and PC players, but it also helped it exceed Gears of War 4 in sales."

Gears 5 was launched on Steam day one. Gears of War 4 still isn't on Steam. I think that's important to point out if you are going to allude to reasons why one game outsold another.

darthv72738d ago

SSOD was free on GwG not too long after release. That is always fun for quick pickup and play. QB is one that I hope gets FPS boost support. It would just feel more natural being more fluid but it too is a good game. I assume it being on GP has somewhat helped it get some recognition.

CrimsonWing69738d ago

There’s no denying how good Gamepass is but I’m still foggy on how it benefits developers/publishers. Like, do they just get one lump sum of cash to put the title on Gamepass? I mean, I personally canceled my pre-order for Outriders when I saw it’s going to be on Gamepass day 1. Judging by that I’m not sure Gamepass helps with the sales of games, rather it does expose games to more players, but how much of that equates to sales down-the-road?

RavenWolfx738d ago

I heard payment was based on number of downloads and time played in addition to a lump sum, but I am not sure on the accuracy.

demonseye738d ago

I actually agree on this. because a lot of games will get played that people they normally wouldn't pay for. and its 10 dollars per month which is 120 dollars per year. The average game cost day one is around 70 dollars. i buy a lot more games than 2 on a yearly basis.
and well the gamepass for me just made my option ps5 pc combo. as long as they release every game on pc I don't even have a reason to buy an Xbox. so i wonder if this plan is financially smart in the long term. mind you Xbox already received money for every Xbox game sold regardless if it's Microsoft owned or not.