Why God of War is a “special” gaming experience |

Age has not wearied Kratos and Sony Santa Monica has done an incredible job reinventing God of War for the PS4 generation through a unique story twist.

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PhoenixUp986d ago

This is why is wish this game was officially called God of War 4

The articles headline had me questioning if it was referring to the latest game or the series as whole

SlappingOysters985d ago

Agreed, it's a pain in the ass whenever this happens, be it game or movie. Just give it a new name. Look at Star Wars Battlefront now we have I and II twice!

SlappingOysters985d ago

I just read on neogaf that you can actually upgrade your son as well as Kratos, which was queried in the article. Good news, should add another layer to combat strategy.

SlappingOysters985d ago

I should clarify and say that another user commented that they had read it in a different hands-on. So its third-hand information, but I have no reason to think they deliberately misinformed me.

985d ago