Helldivers II sales top 12 million

Gematsu writes: "Cooperative third-person shooter Helldivers II has sold 12 million units as of May 5, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Arrowhead Game Studios announced."

shadowT30d ago

Congratulations Arrowhead Game Studios!

Hofstaderman30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

And well-deserved. I'm having a ball of a time so far. Just need to change out my heavy armour, it's a murder on my stamina and sprinting.

derek30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

SIE managed to find success with gaas quicker than I suspected. Arrowhead did a great job getting past that initial launch difficulty, I've been playing again recently doing mostly solo missions. Can't even get off the damn planet after completing everything, lol.

Lexreborn230d ago

12 million is crazy, but it also paints an opposite picture to what the forums would have you believe about gaas. And it being more successful then the single player games of late also kind of proves to an executive gaas IS. what the consumer wants.

RGB30d ago

Disagree, most GAAS games are free, cheaper than or around the same price as Helldivers.

Helldivers II sold very well because of the viral campaign and word of mouth, I can't think of another game that has done numbers like this that wasn't completely free or attached to a service like GamePass/Plus Extra~Premium.

Helldivers II is an exception to the rule, not the norm.

Lexreborn229d ago

That’s a hard coup, considering the online campaign that happens with death to ALL gaas the forums campaign. To only turn around and try to explain the hypocrisy of it?

Either people hate GaaS, they don’t hate GAaS or they hate a practice in the GaaS but they DO love GaaS. But, the online campaigns as if you paying 40 bucks for a game then willingly paid an extra 20 for cosmetics THEN you buy more cosmetics in the 40-60 dollar game that is ONLINE only that alledgely people hate.

Or you don’t hate any of those things and you just act like you do when something isn’t being made how you want it to be on initial impressions. Regardless how many disagrees happen it doesn’t change the fact there is a clear hypocritical practice happening here when we discuss what is an “acceptable” game (swearing single player is the way with robust content) then buying the game that you swear is the death of gaming (gaas that have always online requirement, you don’t “own” the game, tied to online restrictions and isn’t truly a complete game as they continue to add content that could arguably be done day 1)

But go ahead try to make it seem like 12 million people didn’t just convince executives they want this over say the 3-4 million that support FF7R/FF16 or even the million or 2 that bought stellarblade or RoR.

You can’t convince people that live service games aren’t the future after they are supported more then the single player experience.

RGB27d ago


You literally don't know how Helldivers 2 works, you don't need to buy any of the cosmetics, the game throws virtual currency at you for completing the main community campaigns and doing side missions during your main drop, and in a few hours you can literally buy the cosmetics you want with just gameplay, it's one of the best GAAS games ever in terms of that, it isn't predatory like nearly every single one of the rest are.

It isn't the norm, and we won't see another GAAS game that costs $40 do these numbers for a long time, and we most definitely won't if the game is full price.

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